5 Software Technology for Real-Estate that Could Help Me to Sell My House Now

The technologies built specifically for the real estate industry are directly or indirectly work in favor of sellers and buyers, especially the sellers who would go to a real-estate office with the slogan of “sell my house now”.

The work of real-estate agents is complex, repetitive and very tiring. They have to handle too many purchases and sale requirements, and each of these is different from the other. It wouldn’t hurt if they have an additional support from some assisting software and technologies.

The software industry has come up with many integrated or problem-specific technologies. Some are cloud-based while few others are desktop-oriented solutions. I am sure, the real-estate companies are efficient enough to manually handle the property deals and other functions, but when I went to my real-estate agent and told him that I am in hurry and want to sell my house now, I also suggested him to use the following types of software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – For one-place management

CRM software is like a bloodstream for almost every business. In real-estate, this category of software helps in managing the contacts and leads, can help in managing relationships by keeping minute details, automated follow-up reminders, advanced automation, and pipeline management.

3d Virtual Tours – Sell-My-House-Now Friendly

A 3D tour of the house would be a great idea, especially for my prospective buyers who are relocating and are presently living in a distant place. Such software if embedded on the website, showing my house in 360o view, right on the computer, can definitely inspire more buyers to ride down to my home, at least once. The software in the market is built to give an interactive walkthrough, HDR images and floor plans which would make it much easier for buyers to decide whether to visit the property or not.

Lead Generation – For quick access

There are ultimate lead generation websites being running over the internet. I am sure, the personal contacts of my real estate agent are wonderful, but since I want to sell my house now, the overwhelming results from the lead generation websites and tools can provide me a better deal in a better time period.

With my benefit, the agents are compensated too. They have all the exposure since their name get featured on such portals. This acts as the best advertising mode than any other traditional ones.

Electronic Signature/Transaction Management – to prevent any delay

Last year, when I was selling my house and I hired a real-estate agent from my friend’s acquittance, his office was about 10 miles from my place of living. I had to travel back and forth for paper works and taking receipts for the payments made. Sometimes, single missing signature forced me to drive all through this.

I wish I had recommended him an electronic signature and integrated transaction management software.The present software offers best-in-class electronic signatures and management.They also offer realtors a best platform for getting documents signed and deals tamed.

With an electronic signature, some software handles integrated functions to enable agents to keep track of all documents in a transaction from agency disclosure to contracts. Brokers can set up advanced approval processes and workflows.

Open House Management Software – for planned invitations

There are so many things to follow while throwing an open house. Instead of making separate paper lists, missing out on important things, it is more convenient for a real-estate agent to use a software for open house management. They can go paperless while digitally signing the sheets, get integrated with a dozen real-estate CRM, produce automated seller reports, email & text messages to all the open house attendees. They can be relieved from tedious data entry.

Industry-specific software is more productive, especially if you can customize them. I compiled this list to show the best 5 types of software that must be possessed by real-estate to smoothen out the selling & buying of the property. With the category known, you can check-out all the named options available in the market. Choose the one that would fulfil most of your demands.

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