5 Things Every New Web Developer Should Know

The world of web development continues to grow and change as more and more people spend much of their time on the web. If you’re a web developer, you could potentially make a lot of money starting side projects while working online, just as Tim Sykes has done.

If you’re new to the world of web development, you’re probably aware that there are a few crucial things that you should know, so you can start building websites. Let’s take a look at 5 things every new web developer should know:

1 – CSS And HTML
CSS and HTML are not easy to learn and master, but they are crucial to web development. If you want to learn how to present and structure web pages, while styling and formatting them, you need to learn CSS and HTML.

One of the issues surrounding CSS and HTML is there are always changes being made, and new updates to consider. Part of your job as a web developer will involve staying on top of these changes while understanding how they can affect what you do.

2 – The Importance Of Meetings
If you are given the opportunity to meet with web developers, you should seriously consider going. The world of web development has been around for some time, and you could potentially be given some great new ideas and tips that could help.

Web development meetings usually involve hearing about a recent update, or how using a particular method has proven to be very successful. Go to as many meetings as you can, and meet with other web developers to swap ideas and success stories.

3 – JavaScript
JavaScript is used to create interactive elements in web browsers. This programming language is used to respond to requests made by anyone interacting with a website. Many ruby on rails developers also make use of JavaScript in their applications.

JavaScript is also used to add animations which can attract the user’s attention to something important on the page. This can help online stores to sell more goods, or to simply add a special touch.

As a web developer, you will be asked to create animations and other interactive elements to websites. This is why it is so important you’re aware of how JavaScript works, and what it can do.

4 – The Importance Of Research
Research is a fundamental part of the work that you’ll undertake. For example, if you would like to build a web application you will need to research how to do it effectively.

A lot of people assume that they have all the web application knowledge they need, but they could be making a huge mistake. If you want to build that application, you’ll need to research how to do it, and what to look out for.

5 – Background Tasks
Using background tasks can help to speed up a website visitors experience. For example, if a user signs up for a monthly newsletter, they will quickly receive an email saying they’ve been added to the list of subscribers.

When a website is asked to send an email at the same time the user inputs their data, this slows the website down. A slow-moving website can be irritating for the user. To combat this, simply take a few more seconds to send that email, and things will speed up.

The world of web development is a fast-changing one, but if you learn and stay up to date with CSS and HTML, JavaScript, and background tasks, you could potentially be quite successful in your endeavors.

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