5 Underestimated CS:GO SSG Skins

The developers of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game have made sure that users have a wide range of weapons to kill each other. For example, there is an SSG-08 sniper rifle — a long-range tool that can kill an opponent with one round to the head. The main advantage of this weapon is its lightness. In other words, picking up this gun, the user moves faster across the map than with other barrels. The rifle costs $1,700 and comes with many cool skins to choose from.

If you are a real fan of cosmetics for weapons in CS:GO, then you can easily buy any skin on the marketplaces. One of the most reliable trading platforms is DMarket, where you will find SSG skins for every taste — from the most popular options to the more undervalued ones. The latter will be discussed in this article. So keep reading to know what items will make your CS:GO session really authentic and fresh.

Most Underrated SSG Skins

Game users have long been interested in the types of cosmetics for weapons in CS:GO. Having a cool print on a weapon item is a real aesthetic pleasure. Many people follow the trends and often overlook other cool skins. So, what SSG skins deserve your attention?:

  • Blood in the Water (costs $31.00 — $81.00)

    cs skin 1

    This is an interesting color scheme depicting a shark killing a person. The skin began to gain popularity and is today one of the most popular skins for SSG 08 with a huge army of fans;

  • Slashed (costs about $1.00)

    cs skin 2

    The body of the item is painted black and is complemented by a pattern of bright orange diagonal stripes of different sizes, imitating claw marks;

  • Sea Calico (costs about $187)

    cs skin 3

    As its name implies, the print depicts the depths of the sea. This skin is of the “Forbidden” quality and is not available with a StatTrak counter and does not have a souvenir version, which should give it more rarity and value;

  • Dragonfire (costs $23.00 — $63.00)

    cs skin 4

    The image of a dangerous red dragon devouring everything in its path. Even though this skin became popular immediately after its appearance in the game and remains in demand today, it still looks very cool. So it deserves to cost more and to be more popular;

  • Detour (costs $3.00 — $17.00)

    cs skin 5

    This skin is designed in the “graffiti” style. Detour became popular after its introduction into the game and remains in demand today, but it also deserves more attention among design lovers on SSG-08;

Although all the above skins can be purchased in the official store; however, we recommend using third-party sites, where you can save a lot of money. The developers regularly add new content to the game, so stay tuned for updates, which may add something new to SSG.