5 Universities With the Best Technical Equipment

Today we are living in an era of rapid technological progress. Over the past decades, technologies have rooted in our lives so deeply that it is hard to imaging what it would be like without it.

Nowadays, technology is surrounding us wherever we go and whatever we do. It is incorporated in our homes, hospitals, offices, and even schools and universities.

With the development of technology, the demand for new, more technologically advanced jobs keeps rising. Not only tech universities, but other schools as well, forced to incorporate new faculties and programs, are now investing heavily in their equipment to offer better quality and value of education to its students.

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Top 5 Most Technicalogically Advanced Universities

One of the best things of the 21st century is a high availability of great tools, services, and resources that make our everyday lives simpler. Even studying at the university, young people can manage their academic load now much easier with the help of this useful source, different devices, and other tools. This once more proves the important role that technology plays in the modern world.

Keeping in mind the vital role of technology, it is fair to say that the technological advancement of universities should be taken into consideration when looking for the right educational institution. If you also find this important, we have a list of top 5 universities with the best technical equipment for you:

  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The first university on our list is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. The facility was established in 1853 and has earned the title of a tech school in 1969. This school is considered to be one of the most prestigious educational facilities in Europe.

The EPFL has an area of 136 acres and offers its students over 250 laboratories to use for personalized research. Among the graduates of this school, there are 21 Nobel laureates. The university ranks high in the global lists of the best educational facilities and is deservedly called one of the most technologically advanced schools in the world.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a worldwide famous university and research center established in 1861 and located in Cambridge. This facility is one of the leading universities in the USA and the world in general.

This school has everything students mat need. It offers a huge variety of programs, sports, extracurricular activities, and other opportunities. Another exciting fact about MIT is that 81 of its members are the laureates of the Nobel Prize, which is a record-breaking indicator. Apart from that, the school is known as one of the most technologically advanced ones in the world.

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  • The Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine

The next spot on our list is deservedly given to the Imperial College located in London, UK. The facility was established in 1907. It is the alma matter to many bright minds, among which 14 Nobel laureates, two Field Medalists, and a large crowd of top-level specialists who made a significant contribution to the development of the fields of science, medicine, and technology.

The school offers a huge variety of faculties and boasts of excellent technological equipment, so there is no wonder why it regularly makes its way to the list of the most advanced universities.

  • Stanford University

Speaking about the most high-tech educational facilities it is impossible not to mention Stanford University. Established in 1891 and based in California, this school has always been known as one of the most credible and prestigious in the whole world.

This facility is known for graduating excellent experts in the fields of engineering and IT. After all, there is no secret that we have to thank Stanford’s faculty members and alumni for the majority of technological advancement in computer invention. Some of the biggest  No wonder why the school invests heavily in its equipment.

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Founded in 1855 and based in Zurich, Switzerland, this is another extremely high-tech university out there. Although the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology may not be as famous as Stanford or MIT, it does not yield to them in terms of technological equipment.

This university stands for innovation. It offers a wide range of great programs and equips its students with the most advanced technology to help them succeed. One interesting fact about this school is that research carried out at this facility each year results in about 60-80 registered patents.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to be seeking engineering degrees to apply to a technologically advanced university. Attending a school that invests heavily in its technical equipment has many pros – it provides you with greater educational value and more valuable experience, creates a more convenient environment, and offers a more flexible, modern, and, thus, more efficient educational process.

Luckily, it seems like educational facilities from all around the world already understand the importance of technology. Seeing different smart devices in the classrooms is no longer rare. Many of today’s universities are at the forefront of technological advancement and the five schools from this list are leading the parade.

Author’s Bio: This article was provided by a professional writer and an expert in the field of technology, Jeff Blaylock. Jeff admits that technology has always played a vital role in his life. After graduating from school, Jeff decided to obtain a degree in software engineering and was looking for a facility that stands for technological advancement. In this article, Jeff Blaylock shares with us his own ideas on what universities are the most technologically advanced.