6 Reasons How Being a Good Poker Player Can Help You in Life

Reading People
The ability to read people is an amazing skill to have. It can help you in interviews, relationships and even things as trivial as ordering a meal at restaurant. It’s no secret, that great poker players have a knack for reading people’s behaviour to convey what cards they have. This skill translates to real life too.

The best poker players will always look to improve themselves. They will read books, discuss strategy and watch poker training videos to make sure they are ahead of the competition. The most successful people in life hit a level and stop, they keep striving to improve, learning from others and staying up to date in their field of expertise.

Budgeting Finances
Every good poker player adheres to strict bankroll management. This means they won’t venture out of their comfort zone or be wasteful with their money. This skill is even more important in real life. If you can stick to a budget and watch the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves.

Nobody wants to lie, but its no secret that strong poker players know how to bluff effectively. They know the perfect moment to bet their opponent out or attack weakness. This uncanny ability to tell a story and give the impression they have a stronger hand can be applied in real life. This same player will probably bluff themselves out of a situation with a police officer when they’ve been pulled over for speeding.

Common sense and logic is necessary to get by in life and do well. This is a simple but effective skill that great poker players have too. They understand the logic behind how a hand is played and can narrow their opponents hand range based on this. A strong player will know it’s illogical for the hyper aggressive young man in seat 1 to open limp with Kings and can remove that from his range of hands. Logical reasoning can be developed and is, by millions of young Europeans that are playing thousands and thousands of hands online.

All proficient tournament poker players develop a strong sense of perseverance when playing. They know they are playing for the long term and persevere when they have a bad run in tournaments because they know the short term is high variance. This skill must be applied to be successful in life too. You will get knockbacks and have to keep going if you want to improve and be successful.

Please remember to gamble responsibly.

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