7 tips for victorious email marketing campaigns

Email is a multifaceted part of marketing, but with the right approach to creating your campaigns, your revenue can significantly increase.

The landscape is changing extremely fast, and, to run victorious email marketing campaigns, you just have to remain flexible and stay current with the latest email marketing trends and practices.

Here are some tips for you to follow!

1.  Embrace automation

Without automation, you are unlikely to be able to see the results of your successful email marketing campaigns; all you’ll see is how you are losing your income.

Automation will help you:

  • increase conversions;
  • improve performance indicators;
  • scale quickly and easily.

Another important benefit of automation is that you save a lot of time on other important tasks.

There are many modern software tools like Yesware, Groove, SalesLoft, Outreach that will allow you to successfully implement automation in your campaigns; choose one of these solutions and it will simplify your tasks!

For example, Yesware is a sales toolkit that lets you track emails and presentations, create templates, log calls to CRM, and more right from your inbox.

But not all tools are universal, and more options do not mean better results! If you need to get an all-in-one powerful, but inexpensive (for example, even cheaper than Yesware) tool for Salesforce and Email & Calendar integration, outbound outreach automation and Guided selling, you can’t do without advanced platforms such as Revenue Grid, the best Yesware alternative.

With Revenue Grid, you can:

  • automatically capture your sales data (you can save any of your activities like emails, meetings, or tasks to more than a single Salesforce record simultaneously);
  • automate your meeting scheduling by inserting clickable time slots from your Calendar in your emails so that your prospects and leads have some options to choose from;
  • auto-send sales sequences and engage with your prospects via emails, calls, texts, and social media, creating more personalized automated sequences.

Offering many benefits, Revenue Grid also provides you with valuable insights that direct your sales reps to success.

2.  Track your emails to boost performance

By tracking your emails, you can capture many important metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates, which will allow you to understand how well your email has achieved its goal.

Constantly analyze the results to determine what things your audience likes best and which subscribers you should interact with first.

3.  Use segmentation for the perfect results

Keep in mind that you should never send the same email to the entire subscribers’ list, as this increases the likelihood that your content will be out of date. Instead, group your customers with specific attributes. This will help you to:

  • create unique interaction cycles with certain groups of prospects and increase the efficiency of communication;
  • generate personalized content to entice customers to action.

4.  Improve your email deliverability

An undelivered email is a missed opportunity. Ask your subscribers to white list you and your email will have a better chance of ending up in your subscribers’ inbox than a SPAM folder.

Another method to improve deliverability is having a clean list. If you don’t eliminate or re-engage your inactive subscribers, you’re wasting time and effort sending them emails. So clean up your mailing list from time to time. Also, this way you reduce the number of SPAM complaints and save some money.

5.  Define the best times to send emails

Track when your prospects open emails more often and determine the best time to send messages when the audience is most interested in your proposal. To do this, make some tests: send emails to different prospects at different times.

6.  Integrate messages into multiple channels

This may seem obvious to you, but you have no idea how many marketers do not think about it at all and lose a huge amount of valuable opportunities!

Coordinating efforts in the digital landscape can leverage the results of your accomplishments by launching and expanding your email marketing program; these channels can help drive list growth, increase conversions, provide information for testing, optimize the path to purchase, and more.

7.  Optimize your email efforts for subscriber’s lifetime value, not for campaign activity

Each email your subscriber receives influences the success of the next emails he getsFor the best results, you need to optimize the lifetime value of subscribers, not campaigns.

Email marketing is a great tool for finding out more about your customers, understand what really makes them tick, and improve the way you solve their problems.

Moreover, you can increase customer lifetime value (CLV) with booming email marketing by:

  • using customer segmentation;
  • increasing personalization and intention;
  • upselling subscribers;
  • boosting CLV through your content;
  • balancing acquisition, retention, and optimization;
  • including social recommendations, etc.