How to find out the Model of the Motherboard You Have

Knowing who makes your motherboard and what model you have is very important. Many motherboards have new drivers and BIOS updates that fix problems with the motherboard once it has been released. To download and install these updates you need to know the exact model name and manufacturer of your motherboard. Many people who have built their own computer should already know this, but if you somehow forget or you have purchased your computer from a store this guide will easy show you where to find this information.

I first thought that everyone already knew how to do this, but you would be surprised at how many people have e-mailed us asking this very question.

There are many free programs that you can use to get this information. The first is CPU-Z, which can be downloaded here. CPU-Z is a program that gathers information about the devices in your system. Once you have installed CPU-Z go ahead and open it. To see the information on your motherboard click on the Mainboard tab.


In this tab you will see all of the information on your motherboard. Also very helpful it will show you the date and the version of your BIOS.

The next program you can download that will show you information on your motherboard is SiSoftware’s Sandra Lite, which can be downloaded here. Sandra is a comprehensive system benchmarking program that we actually use here in testing many different components. Once you have Sandra installed click on the hardware tab at the top then double-click on Mainboard.


You may need to scroll down a little bit, but it will list information about your motherboard included the manufacturer, model and even version.

These are probably 2 of the easiest and most accessible programs you can use to find out who makes your motherboard and what model it is. We hope this guide was useful, but sure to check out the rest of our guides!

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