Saturday, July 21, 2018

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How to Find the Speed of Your Memory

Computer memory speed is something that is often overlooked when people purchase a computer.  They mainly are concerned with the actual size of the memory rather than the speed.  Speed is important for a couple of reasons.  First if you need to replace your memory you will need to know the speed.  Second if you are upgrading and want faster memory you are going to want to know the actual speed of the memory currently in your system.  So in this guide we will be showing you a few different ways you can find the speed of your memory.  It should not take you more than a few minutes!


How to find out the Model of the Motherboard You Have

Knowing who makes your motherboard and what model you have is very important. Many motherboards have new drivers and BIOS updates that fix problems with the motherboard once it has been released. To download and install these updates you need to know the exact model name and manufacturer of your motherboard. Many people who have built their own computer should already know this, but if you somehow forget or you have purchased your computer from a store this guide will easy show you where to find this information.

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