7 Video editing tips to be the best

During these last week’s you have surely noticed more and more videos on social networks or websites. And no, it is not a coincidence. To verify it, we only have to review the statistics, in which it is emphasized that 73% of consumers have been influenced by the presence of a video on social networks to make a purchase decision. In addition, the video is the preferred content of users to learn about new promotions or brands.

Maybe we always think about how to improve a video, how to record better, where to get the best images or approaches, but you have to keep in mind that editing in a video is very important. Even if you have spectacular images, if you don’t edit well, the video may not transmit anything and you lose the work invested.

Do you want 7 video editing tips to be the best?

Choose your video editor correctly:

You already know that there are many editing programs, some more professional than others, so depending on your level of knowledge, I would recommend one or the other.

If you are a beginner, you want to do something basic, you can choose movie maker if you are from PC or Imovie if you are from Mac. I started in college with the movie maker and when I switched to Mac the Imovie, but soon after, when I wanted to do something more advanced, it fell short, but to start with it is pretty good.

If you want to move forward and go further, I recommend camtasia, final cut or adobe premier, I use the latter and it has many possibilities, in fact I do not know all of them, so I also have to apply the following advice. But if you want perfect results, I would recommend the best online video converter, provided by Uniconverter.

Know your editor:

Knowing the possibilities offered by the video editor you use, will allow you to innovate more, have more creativity and be more original.

Think you want to get with the video:

Before you start recording, you should think about what you want to achieve, what is the objective you are looking for. In case of travel, show a destination? Make a guide of the place? Give advice? And the same if it is of another theme, do a tutorial? What is the best online video converter? Solve issues? Depending on what you want, editing your video will also be totally different. If you don’t know what approach to give to your videos, you have to think about defining your audience profile well, the so-called ideal client. I leave you an image with some things you should keep in mind. It is based on describing a person, literally.

Plan the video:

Think or write what you need but generate even a mental storyboard or storytelling.
You need to know what storytelling is and how to do it if you need any other ideas.


To structure what you want to tell, it is almost essential to have a script. It is not necessary that you do not learn it by heart but at least you will not forget anything.

Adapted edition:

Depending on the video you make, the edition will also be different, a destination video will not be the same as teaching for example that eating in a city, a video with travel advice, or a tutorial in any other mode. Within the edition, you also have to pay special attention to music. A good choice will make your video generate sensations and be seen until the end. Important if you upload the videos to YouTube, do not use copyrighted music, so I leave this post where you can download the authorized music so that YouTube does not penalize you. The other aspect to consider in video editing, are the transitions. You have to know how to use them, not abuse them and use them at the right time, because otherwise you can spoil it.

HD record:

Currently even the most basic phones record in high definition, so it is important that you record at least 720p.

Hopefully the tips above can be useful. Thank you for reading!

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