M2M international project: how to prepare a launch?

How to prepare for the international launch of your m2m project?

The international m2m market is a promising market, as this technology is on its way to becoming a real revolution in communication and information technologies. The m2m technology and with it that of connected objects (IoT) are gradually invading daily life, with a number of mobile connections exceeding that of subscribers. But we still need to know exactly how to negotiate this launch to ensure its success. In other words, how to launch m2m project international successfully? Here are a few tips to help you.

Knowing how to distinguish the m2m from the IoT

Machine-to-machine (m2m) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two technologies that are strongly intertwined, but they are not the same thing.

When we talk about m2m, we are talking about a technology capable of making various machines, objects and devices talk to each other, exchange and transmit information to each other. And this without any human intervention. Such a feat is now possible with the arrival on the market of m2m SIM cards capable of linking various objects at considerable distances from each other. These devices can now perform simple actions such as placing an online order to replace a product that is out of stock, or remote control the distribution of a certain product or service. This is possible regardless of distance. This latest innovation thus opens up the world to anyone who wants to embark on an m2m project international.

IoT on the other hand refers to a system where machines, objects and devices are interconnected via wireless networks. Each connected object will use a unique identifier and the information they transmit to each other will circulate in the cloud and be analyzed without human assistance.

Producing a connected object is not the same thing as offering an international m2m solution that allows the management of communicating machines or objects.

Asking the right questions

The significant development of this technology from m2m project international is a great opportunity, yes… but what else? This is not enough to build a viable project, especially internationally. The project must also be innovative and respond to existing and sustainable needs. Because the international m2m market is highly competitive: ideas abound because the players have to compete in inventiveness, and there are many players. We are in the presence of a highly fragmented competitive market, with several major players that need to be closely monitored.

In short, we need to:

– Ensure good connectivity;
– Optimize costs;
– Know the best portals.

If you want to know more about this international development of the m2m network, you can consult Matooma and the many articles on this subject.

Avoid taking the lead

Having a project is good, having a cleverly thought out project is even better. The first thing to do when you launch a m2m project, especially internationally, is to tie up all the details, anticipate all the difficulties so as not to sink before you’ve even started. So, here’s what you should not lose sight of before embarking on a m2m project on an international scale.

Identifying the most promising sector for a sustainable project

The sectors that would gain the most from using m2m and which constitute an important market niche are the health and well-being sector, the industrial sector and the distributed facilities sector. It is important to understand how these niche markets work, to identify and know the competitors already present and future competitors and to build the strategy around this information.

Precisely identify a need in one of these sectors and respond to it effectively

You have to know how to stand out from the many other m2m project international leaders or m2m condos like Aoyuan international based in Australia, Hong Kong and Canada (Yonge street, Newtonbrook plaza, North York near Wallman architects). The most important thing here is to avoid falling into the trap of the trend: the need must be current and sustainable, otherwise the project risks running out of steam as quickly as it has appeared on the market.

Determining a viable project also makes it possible to quickly identify customers who are likely to be interested in the solution to be proposed. This will make it easier to build a strategy on how to approach them and convince them to adopt your solution.

Having a concrete business plan

A m2m project international has no chance of success without a solid business plan. In order to find the right financing and build solid partnerships, a reliable business document must be proposed that gives a good account of the project’s projected developments and profitability.

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