7 Ways To Improve Your Website For Sales Growth

Have the sales on your website been low lately? Improving your website might help grow your sales and increase the profit your business is making.

Have you been watching the sales on your website dropping day by day? Even after making some initial profit, the sales on your “perfectly functional” website might fall. Ever wondered why that happens?

We live in a growing world with almost every market constantly changing. If you want to continue doing business for a long time, you have to keep up with the change and always strive to get better.

If your business is continuously evolving, your sales will never drop. If you want exponential sales growth, there might be space for improvement on your website.

Enhance your website to attract more clients and to get higher profit. Here are seven ways to improve your website for sales growth.

Adding A Powered Up Landing Page

Your website needs to be powered up for sales maximization and good website designers such a Neon Rain can incorporate the elements needed for sales growth into your website. If your website is not optimized for sales growth, you need to make improvements.

One way to power up your website is by adding an enhanced landing page. Your landing page can become the catalyst that turns the traffic on your website converting them to customers.

Your homepage has its purposes but it can also make your traffic wander aimlessly. Your enhanced landing page will lead them towards your main aim, which is the purchase of the promoted product.

Make Your Website Easily Accessible

Is your online page accessible through various mediums? If your sales are low, chances are that your website is not responsive and compatible with all devices.

Shopping technology has become so versatile these days that people often leave the shopping to their Google Home or Alexa, or even access e-commerce website through their smart TVs.

You need a website that is optimized for easy access through multiple devices, particularly by mobile phones. Cellphones are most commonly used and the majority of shopping done online is through mobile devices.

Cut down the cost of developing and maintaining an app for your online business and simply ensure that your website has a responsive design and is accessible through multiple devices and browsers.

Website Test Runs

What is making clients run away from your website? Do not leave testing your website only for before launching. If your sales are falling, chances are that your website is not running smoothly and hence, making them lose interest in your site.

People won’t linger long enough to make purchases on a buggy website full of glitch. If going through the steps of making a purchase is problematic and tiresome, people will shop with a competitor.

Do test runs and see what improvements can be made. The website may seem fine from the outside, but might be difficult to maneuver. You have to see it from a customer’s point of view. Don’t wait until a client complains about a glitch, find it, and solve it before anyone complains.

Put Your Call To Actions on Focus

Imagine that you have found the product you have been looking for but can’t seem to find the ‘add to cart’ button. That can be extremely annoying. Put the focus on your call to action(CTA) buttons. If they are small and do not immediately garner traffic attention, your sales will be low. Large and popping call to actions attract attention, they demand it. You want the call to action buttons to stand out boldly.

For your ‘add to cart’ CTA, make sure you have a few payment options available. Revive your CTA buttons with vibrant colors. Your CTA text should be concise, no more than five words. You must address the audience directly, with a sense of urgency.

Provide High-Quality Product Visuals

When people are interested in a product, they want to know in detail what they are buying. It is your job to provide high-quality, detailed visuals of the product.

Cellphone companies are excellent at it. You will find HD photos and videos of the product. They show off the product from every angle imaginable, making them look even more lucrative.

Just as in a physical shop, products can be found properly displayed on shelves, you must do the same on your website. Provide media that shows off your product in the best light, making people feel like they must own it.

Try to provide how-to videos or good review videos. People want to know how others use it or if they are satisfied with it.

Importance of White Space

You want your website to have the least amount of distractions. The more clients are visually distracted, the more likely they would be to roam about and leave. If you want your product, offers, and call to action buttons to gain focus, you need to remove other distractions.

This is why white spaces are crucial for gaining consumer focus. Remove distractions such as too many ads or texts. Keep your texts concise and informative. Your website will appear neat, it will load quicker and consumer attention will stay focused on the products.

Large businesses always use their white space to garner audience attention. You will find that their pages aren’t decked up with information, just the important details consumers need.

Organized and Speedy Maneuvering

Speed is crucial to attracting more traffic and conversions. If your website loading speed is excruciatingly slow, any traffic trying to enter your website will leave even before they see your homepage. Enhance your loading speed by removing unnecessary media, ads, and making use of white space.

You want your website to be organized and easy to maneuver. Keep your product catalog tabs organized and arrange them in an easy to understand manner. For example, if you are selling groceries, you want to put your product under specialized categories such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, etc.

Organization and speed are vital for easy maneuvering. Your customers should find shopping on your website fast and hassle-free if you want them to return.


You must make improvements to your website if you want to grow your sales. Make sure you effectively use your landing page, call to action buttons, and white pages. Less is more on your website, but ensure that necessary product details are there.

Revive your website by making navigation easy by keeping just the right amount of information, keeping the loading time speedy and your tabs organized.