9 Money Making Apps For College Students

Whether you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash or a way to save money on your purchases, there are plenty of money-making apps for college students. These apps will help you make money and rewards from the convenience of your smartphone.


Trying to save money can be difficult, especially for college students who need to get used to handling their financial matters. But there are some excellent apps to help you with your budgeting. So whether you’re looking for an app to track your spending or to find free food on campus, there’s an app for you.

One of the best ways to save money is by avoiding debt. The EveryDollar app is one way to do this. The app allows you to set up automatic transactions, analyze spending habits, and avoid debt. It even uses Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps to help you save.


Several mobile apps exist for making money, and Lemonop is one of them. The app is an upstart freelancing platform but acts as a professional network. It has features that will help students find paid work in various fields.

In addition to the new site’s features, Lemonop has also been visiting colleges to woo the next generation. As a result, the app has also generated more than 35K registered users.


Skillz is a multiplayer game platform where you compete against other players in a challenge. You can win virtual and physical prizes by scoring high in the competition. You can also compete in tournaments for real cash prizes. It includes leaderboards, trophies, and virtual currency awards.

Games that pay real money generally generate revenue through advertising. Some allow you to cash out your winnings through PayPal, while others do not. If you are considering playing a paid game, ensure that the threshold for cashing out is high enough. The cash-out threshold for these games is around $10.


Whether you’re a college student or not, there’s much to be said about earning extra money by selling used notes. You may need more time or money to work full-time at a job, but selling notes can be a great side hustle. And there are plenty of ways to do it. Here are five of the best student apps to help you get started.

NoteSale: This UK-based website makes it easy for students to sell their notes online. Its simple-to-use interface makes it easy to upload your notes in three steps. The website also lets you set your price, which you can change later. You’ll also earn a commission for each sale.


Whether you’re buying groceries or buying something online, Ibotta can help you save money. The company offers rebates on a wide variety of products and services. In addition, they have deals with hundreds of stores. However, you may find that Ibotta doesn’t support your favorite store.

Ibotta works with many popular grocery stores and restaurants. You can earn cash back on grocery items, restaurant meals, cosmetics, home improvement items, and more. Using Ibotta can help you save on your regular purchases, but there’s a time commitment involved. You must also purchase the product in a specific size and quantity.

Pocket Bounty

Whether a college student or just looking to make extra cash, you can use many money-making apps. These apps pay you to do a variety of tasks. The amount you earn will vary depending on the specific app you use.

Pocket Bounty is a free app that pays you for completing various tasks on your smartphone. You can earn coins for downloading apps, watching videos, completing offers, and more. These coins can be exchanged for gift cards.


Using Vinted money-making apps is a great way to make extra money. You can sell pre-owned clothing or accessories such as bags, shoes, and accessories. You can even swap items with other users. If you find things that interest you, you can make offers for them.

Vinted has become a trendy online community marketplace for selling used clothing. It offers various services, including buyer protection, tracking, and insurance. In addition, you can use it to sell men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories, such as jewelry, bags, shoes, and more.


Whether looking for a fun way to earn money or simply interested in getting some rewards for shopping, Shopkick is one of the best money-saving apps for college students. It offers gifts and rewards for participating stores, plus other incentives.

It’s a free app, and it’s easy to download. You can register using your Apple or Google account and start earning kicks. You can even get exclusive discounts or incentives depending on your chosen retailer.


Using PocketGuard money-making apps for college students can help you manage your finances, avoid overspending, and achieve savings goals. With PocketGuard, you can create a budget, track your spending, and negotiate better bill rates.

PocketGuard connects with your bank, credit card, and savings accounts. Then, it pulls up your most recent transactions and updates them to reflect your most recent balances. You can even use PocketGuard to track your investment accounts.