9 Reasons Steam Cards Are The Best Gift Items Today

Steam Gift Cards is a new gift service from Steam, one of the most popular online game platforms worldwide. If you’re already aware of the existing gifting system in the platform that enables Steam users to directly put funds into other people’s Steam Wallets, think of Steam Gift Cards as an upgrade of the said system. That’s because the Steam Gift Cards can now be used for purchasing any item that’s available on Steam. They work just like gift certificates.

You can’t go wrong with Steam Gift Cards if you’re looking for the best gift items today. It’s possible to buy your friends and family games that you know they’ll love playing. However, its gifting process is a little bit more restrictive. But, with all the things you can get with it, the restriction is only fair if you think about it.

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Here are nine reasons why Steam Cards are the best gift items today:

  1. Both Digital And Physical Gift Cards Are Available

Buying Steam Cards is very convenient. That’s because they’re available both online and in physical stores. There are even resources that tell you how to get free Steam Gift Cards if you dig a little bit more on the web. If you think that a physical gift is the way to go, you can find physical Steam Gift Cards at most retail stores. If you have cash in hand that you want to spend on Steam, physical Gift Cards can really be a good option.

Of course, digital Gift Cards are available on Steam. As already mentioned, there are restrictions when gifting Steam Cards. These restrictions mostly apply to digital cards. For example, you can only use Bitcoin, credit card, or PayPal for paying them; it’s not possible to use funds in your Steam Wallet. Also, sending digital gift cards is only possible for people on your friends’ list. To be more specific, you can only send to friends who have been on your list for at least three days.

It’s essential to note that when sending digital Steam Cards, the recipient can choose to decline the gift. If, for some reason, your recipient doesn’t want the gift, your purchase will be refunded. It’s a good thing that Steam will send a full refund back to you. If possible, they’ll send the funds back to the original pay type. If not, you’ll receive it on your Steam Wallet.

  1. Steam Cards Are Easy To Activate

There’s an activation code in Steam Gift Cards. The receiver can use it to redeem the card’s value through their Steam account’s digital wallet. Once the funds are already reflected on their wallet, they can start purchasing any in-game items, downloadable content, and games they love. Again, the recipient has to accept the gift first before the value of the digital Steam Card can be added to their wallet.

  1. A Large Selection Of Games To Buy From Awaits The Receiver

Steam rises above other marketplaces when it comes to the selection of games that can be bought and downloaded. Most of the world’s best games are available on the platform. The games are also perfectly priced.

If the recipient of your gift is lucky enough, they can even get discounted games. Steam actually decides to offer seasonal sales a few times a year. It’s when the real sale happens, wherein users can save tons of money on many of the world’s leading games. Who doesn’t want to save money on buying the things they love?  The receiver of your Steam Gift Card will surely enjoy it.

  1. Games On Steam Are Account-Based

The DVD version of games has dominated the gaming world for many years. However, DVDs are not anymore a thing today. Most modern gamers don’t want them, too. It makes sense—why buy physical copies of the games you love when you can get them online?  All you need is download the games after paying for them, and, yes, you can start playing right away. That’s what Steam can offer to you and your gift’s recipient—account-based games.

With Steam, you just have to log in and load up your account. You can, then, choose which games to buy, download, and play. Of course, Steam Card receivers can use the value of the gift to fund their accounts and get the games they’d love to play.

The good thing about account-based games is that you won’t have to worry about purchasing the game again if in case you can’t find the game’s DVD. Also, since you won’t have to download the games to your device, you’ll never lose anything you’ve purchased when your computer’s hard drive crashes.

Since computer games are meant to be played and enjoyed quickly, there’s no doubt that digital game purchases are the future of the gaming industry. The good news is that digital and physical games may just have the same price. Digital copies may even become more affordable since they’re cheaper to mass-produce. With Steam, players only need the app, and they can immediately start enjoying their library of games.

  1. The Steam App Supports Multiple Operating Systems

Many gaming platforms only support one or two operating systems. Others even only focus on Microsoft Windows. Well, to be fair, it’s the practical thing to do since the majority of computer games enthusiasts play on Windows. However, that also leaves Linux or MacOS users with limited functionality or none at all. Yes, the non-Windows gamers are often out of luck.

Steam supports a lot of platforms. That means you can jump from one system to the next without experiencing any issues, especially since everything is account-based. Compared to the traditional way of installing games, the account-based way is a major improvement.

The ability of Steam to support multiple operating systems makes playing a lot more convenient for gamers. Besides, Steam is also a social networking platform. That being said, even if you’re only using Linux OS for development, it’s still possible to install Steam and know whenever your friends are online. No other gaming platform can match the forward-thinking nature of Steam. So, if you buy Steam Cards as gift items for someone you know who’s also an avid gamer, you’re not the only one benefitting from the gaming convenience that the company brings.

  1. Steam Also Offers Independent and Retro Games

The recipient of your Steam Gift Card won’t only find AAA games, like Call Of Duty, GTA, Bloodstained, Shadowbringers, and Steel Division II on Steam. Of course, Steam doesn’t run out of the latest triple-A games. You can even pre-purchase the most awaited games or buy special edition copies. However, what separates Steam from other gaming platforms is that they also offer indie and retro games.

If you’re a true gamer, it’s natural for you to dig deeper and find games that aren’t AAA titles, but are definitely enjoyable to play. The good news for true gamers is that there’s a plethora of them on Steam. There’s a massive library of indie and retro games waiting for your Steam Gift Card receiver, too.

Independent and retro games never lose their appeal, but are often sold at only a few dollars. Indie packs and retro packs are even offered during big sales. If your recipient loves the good old games, Steam Gift Cards will make them scream out of joy.

  1. Steam Gift Cards Can Be Used To Purchase Software

Another great option to buy with a Steam Card is software. Yes, aside from AAA, indie, and retro games, Steam also has a selection of software for gamers. While the software collection isn’t at par with the platform’s extensive gaming catalog, your Steam Card receiver can surely still find a few good options.

Some of the software options that will make your or your recipient’s gaming experience better are VoiceAttack and RPG Maker XP. Note that steep discounts can also be enjoyed through featured software bundles. With Steam working with different software developers in various fields to try to improve their software packages, one can only expect better offerings in the future.

  1. Steam Gift Cards Can Be Swapped For Another Item

There’s no harm in exchanging Steam Cards for another option. That’s exactly the freedom you can give to your receiver. If in case the recipient of your Steam Gift Card wants to exchange it for something that they actually want to buy, more than enough options exist for them. For instance, the card can be swapped for iTunes cards, Google Play cards, and many other gift cards out there.

  1. Steam Cards Allow Recipients To Be Part Of A Lively Community Of Gamers

There are more to Steam than just games. The platform also allows gamers to play with each other. There’s a community waiting for every computer game enthusiast inside.

If you’re giving a physical Steam Card as a gift to someone who isn’t on Steam yet, that person will be encouraged to sign up and be part of the community. Once they’re in, they can then start connecting with other gamers. They have the option to view the profile and gaming catalog of a specific user and invite them to play games together. The chat feature of the platform also allows gamers to easily reach out to each other.


Steam Cards are the best gift items since they offer your receiver more than just the chance to purchase excellent computer games. The truth is that you’re also giving your gift recipient the chance to join millions of other gamers who share the same passion. Bonuses can also be enjoyed in the form of discounts for games, software, hardware, and just about any gaming item you can think of.