Stellar Review: The Free Data Recovery Program We Need

The more functionality our appliances have, the more likely they are to malfunction. And whether it’s personal data or business data, both need to be protected so that during a device outage the user doesn’t lose it. However, there are cases where no specialist can do something because the loss of data is so sudden they don’t even have time to respond.

In such conditions, data recovery software comes to their rescue. There are several data recovery software options available, but people need to select only the most reliable one that will recover their data safely. The Steller’s free data recovery program is one of the currently best options on the market.

Users can get up to 1 GB of data back with this free app. We’ll cover all facets of the app in this Stellar review, testing whether it is worthy or not. So let’s get rolling.

Gui User

The first thing Users experience in any device is its UI. Developers typically seek to integrate a lot of features into their applications and end up making it generic to use, producing a poor user experience. But Stellar Free Data Recovery Software doesn’t.

It has such a user-friendly interface that the process of it would have no problem even for a novice. The choice selection slide is on the Software’s very first look.

stellar 1

Here users can choose which form of data they wish to recover. They can either pick either one choice, or the first choice that says “Everything.” They land on the “Recover from” slide after pressing the next button.

stellar 2

Here they have to pick the place they want to retrieve data from. Then the program will list all the available recoverable files in the selected region. Users can pick what data they want to retrieve from that screen, and they will be rescued by the app. All of these features show that in a few steps the data can be retrieved which makes the UI extremely pleasant.


As we said earlier, there are many choices. Most of them, however, still miss one aspect or the other. When searching for data recovery tools, one of the key things to test is whether it is compatible with the target program or not. In the case of free data recovery applications Stellar, consumers don’t have to think about it.

This is because the software is compatible with all versions of Windows 10. Here are the operating systems that suit the software.

Virtual Machine

The software can also be used to recover data from external devices such as HDD and USB, other than those.

Number of data to retrieve

The argument of various applications to get the data back for free. However, several of them struggle to retrieve a large volume of data when used. Users will get up to 1 GB of their missing data using Steller’s free data recovery app. And as the name implies, “free,” meaning users don’t have to pay for the recovery.

Bottom line

Stellar free data recovery software is the best place to go, anywhere people choose to retrieve their missing data, with a friendly user interface, many features, excellent usability and free support. The software provides a fairly efficient platform compared to its rivals which makes it the best free data recovery software available.