What Are Pay n Play Casinos and How Do They Work?

There are few industries that evolve with speed and enterprise exhibited so consistently by the world of online casino. Since the very early days of the internet, players have been able to witness exceptional growth, both in terms of variety and the stakes available, and significant developments in the gameplay itself.

For players and digital croupiers alike, the industry is driven by the same sense of exhilaration and anticipation that have earned these games so much interest from gamblers across the globe. New games and sites are forever bursting onto the scene, and joining the high stakes contest for players.

Now, the Pay n Play Casino stands to revolutionise player experience, and the site’s ability to capture that initial wave of interest before lengthy sign-up processes undermine it.

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What is Pay n Play?

Consider the last time a new online casino caught your eye, and the verification process that followed: you were likely asked to provide an array of personal information from your name and age to your address, email and phone number in order to confirm your identity.

While confirmation remains imperative, this practise is liable to lose casinos a significant number of prospective players. It is outdated, slow, and laborious for customers who have likely been through the same exercise many times before.

Now, best new Pay and Play Casinos are capable of bringing view visitors into gameplay in no more than three clicks.

These casinos have teamed up with Fintech enterprise Trustly. Those who have an account with the platform have the opportunity to enable Pure Pay n Play capabilities, which allows players to circumvent the registration page altogether and enter into gameplay almost instantaneously.

How Does Pay N Play Work?

Trustly issues users with a unique Bank ID, which can be used to make seamless online payments to vendors and sites without the same risks and long-drawn out procedure associated with direct customer-to-vendor payments.

By collaborating with Trustly, select casinos are now able to confirm players’ identities via this same Bank ID, which is capable of sharing any necessary personal data to the site with only minimal effort from the player.

An account is created with the casino on their behalf, and they need only select an amount for their initial deposit, and begin playing much sooner than a traditional registration process would allow.

This offers a win-win situation for the player and the online casino; it serves to mitigate the negative impact of long registration forms, skirt the limitations of KYC requirements, and condense the entire process  to allow for more time in-game.

Just take a look at this video, which illustrates quite how straightforward the entire process is.

Is Pay n Play the Future of Online Casino?

The sheer popularity of online casinos makes for stiff competition, both in terms of customer attraction and retention. While the wider world of gaming continued to create new ways of ensuring instant access to plays, whether that occurs via new streaming services or Pay n Play, it is clear that convenience, ease-of-access, and rapid admission stand at the forefront of the industry.

While 2020 is bearing witness to marked competition between a new generation of gaming consoles, and game developers are utilising ever more powerful technology in order to augment their portfolios, the online casino industry continues to drive significant interest from players across the globe, and to demonstrate its ability to know the player – and what they want from their experience.