Nintendo Switch Pro Might Launch In 2021 To Tackle PS5 And Xbox Series X

A lot of rumors regarding the arrival of Nintendo Switch Pro are circulating and these rumors might be true as a report from The Economic Daily, Taiwan, says that a new Nintendo Switch will enter production at the end of 2020. Sales will begin from Q1 2021.

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Upon the release of Switch in 2017, Nintendo witnessed rapid growth. It was because the Switch provided users to play on a tv screen with the provided dock. It also acted as a portable device due to its detachable Joy-Cons. Nintendo Switch Lite was launched in July 2019. This cheaper variant lacked detachable Joy-Cons and docking capability, but it was popular among gamers as it is $100 cheaper.

A new product is being launched in the current console line-up instead of introducing a next-gen console. The reports suggest improved display and performance for the new console. However, the pictures indicate that it will be an upgraded version of both the Switch lite and the standard Switch.

Dr. Serkan Toto, an analyst at Kantan Games, said that the Switch Pro was due at the end of 2020. According to him, it will be priced at $399. He also expects a 4k display, powerful components, and improved cartridge sizes.

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The $400 price tag will most probably make Switch Pro cheaper than PS5 and Xbox Series X as they both are rumored to launch at $600.

Via VideoGamesChronicle