A Guide to Payment Provider, Trustly

Trustly is a secure, simple, and fast casino payment provider for clients across Europe to make direct payments from their bank accounts. This provider is quite popular since Trustly does not require customers to register. In addition, clients do not have to store their banking details. For this reason, many casinos turn to Trustly to make payments.

Trustly has partnered with more than 100 banks to offer quality services to clients. The payment provider has gained popularity for being safe, swift, and virtually free to users. It comes with several advantages that help in the financial management of online casinos.

Benefits of Trustly

Trustly was launched as a better alternative to pay for products and services. Besides serving e-commerce platforms and online casinos, Trustly has several physical retailers throughout Europe. It provides many advantages, including minimal risk, instant transfers, better security, mobile-friendly, mega convenience, and simple product.

With Trustly, you do not have to wait for hours or days to transfer your money. You can instantly and directly transfer money from your bank account. Clients can also organize their transfers without leaving an online casino, thanks to the groundbreaking integration. This means that you do not need to log in to several accounts to add funds to your casino account.

Trustly ensures its clients do not need extensive paperwork when creating new accounts. To ensure a simple and straightforward registration process, Trustly allows you to use your current bank log-in details. You no longer have to spend so much time dealing with KYC procedures as you can make direct deposits from your bank account.

Since Trustly operates as a modern Fintech company, it has designed a mobile-friendly platform that eliminates issues of casinos bankroll. The payment provider also uses high-standard encryption to ensure your bank details do not fall into the hands of unauthorized people. Trustly has a European PSP (Payment Services Provider) certification to ascertain its credibility. Such measures lower the risk of payment failure and fraud hence guaranteeing the safety of your money with new online casinos. This means that even with an illegitimate casino, you are likely to get back your money.

Cons of Using Trustly

Though there are many advantages to using Trustly, there are a few drawbacks to the service, such as additional bank fees and selective instant transfers. An immediate bank transfer with Trustly is limited to banks that have direct connections with the service provider. If you use a bank that is not directly connected to the service, you are charged for using this service. You should first find out whether your bank is among those connected with the payment provider before making any full-time commitment. Clients may also get an online transfer charge from some banks for using the Trustly service. The extra fees are normally applied by banks without direct connections to the service.

Requirements for Using Trustly

When using Trustly to make deposits and withdrawals at an online casino, you will need an account where you can pull and withdraw funds. Trustly functions best when the payment provider has a connection with your bank. This ensures seamless withdrawals and payments even in future processes. Trustly can be accessed in 29 countries throughout Europe. All currencies accepted in these nations are supported by the service provider. Some of these countries include Greece, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Luxembourg, Romania, Croatia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Malta.

Final Thoughts

Since Trustly has connections with major banks, clients have peace of mind about their transactions. They also benefit from the reliability and speed of these agreements. Clients are exempt from charges when depositing in an online casino Trustly. Casino players usually pay, although here, the casino pays.