Case Mod Friday: Project ENSIS

Project Name: Project ENSIS

Builder: Alex Banks

About This Mod / Build: This week for Case Mod Friday we have probably one of the best scratch builds you’ll see all year! It is Project ENSIS from Alex Banks! Not only is the design of this build great, but you also have amazing cable routing, lighting, and much more!




CPU – Intel Core i9 10900k
Motherboard – AORUS Z490 Xtreme Waterforce
GPU – AORUS 2080S Xtreme Waterforce
Memory – 64GB (2x32GB) Gigabyte Designare 3200MHz
PSU – AORUS P850W 80+ Gold
Storage – 1TB Gigabyte NVMe M.2

Other Info:
– The build weighs 24.3kg (53.6lb)
– There are ~450 LEDs present in this rig.
– In total there’s about 650GB of footage for this one project.
– Some parts needed to be remade up to 4 times before I was happy with the fit and finish.
– Glass blasting thin aluminium panels is a right pain.
– The motherboard tray uses 6 types of screws. I had to use 6/32 fillister screws in order to get the outer rim thin enough for the reservoir to function properly.
– The main Fusion 360 CAD model for Ensis is currently at version 187.
– I came down to my last 15cm of transparent sleeving. Cutting it close to the wire eh?..

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