A Guide to Understanding the NBN Internet

In order to provide all homes and businesses with a quality, reliable connection to the internet, the Australian Federal Government has founded the National Broadband Network (NBN). The core idea of the project is to replace the old copper network with supercharged connections, a thing that has to happen in the entire country of Australia by 2020. Given the fact that we live in a world where everything that we do depends on the internet in one way or another, at home or at work, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to build a more solid, faster broadband network. This is especially relevant for a geographically isolated country like Australia.

The thing is, there’s a lot of Australian people out there who still did not completely understand the utility of this change, or how the whole process actually works. Here’s a guide to understanding the idea behind the project, that will help with questions you might have about making the move to the NBN:

Is It Necessary?

You can put off making the switch to the NBN, in case you are not sure about the services that they offer, how reliable are those services, or you are simply satisfied with your current internet service. But at one point, you will receive notice that the NBN is available in your area.

So what will happen after the notice? Your entire neighbourhood will be upgraded to the NBN and you will have not more than 18 months to make the change yourself. After these 18 months, the usual landline and ADSL broadband services will be switched off, and you don’t want to be the only person in your area without an internet connection.

The Connection Process

There is a rollout map available online, that tells you when the NBN upgrade will happen in your area. When the time will come, teams of professional installers will start laying fibre optic cables under the street, in order to connect every home in your neighbourhood to the network.

Given the fact that this project is founded by the Government, the actual connection to the NBN will be totally free of cost. Until here you don’t actually have to do anything or to make any decision, as you basically have to let all of these things happen in order to have access to the internet in the future. After the connection is being established, it’s time for you to choose one of the NBN plans.

All there’s left to do is for you to choose a plan and one of the Australian internet service providers, and let them take care of the rest and make sure you’ll have a solid internet connection.

NBN Technologies

Depending on the area you live in, you will connect to the NBN by using different technologies. You might be connected using ultra-fast fibre-optic cable or fixed wireless and satellite, you don’t get to choose the technology anyway.

Given the fact that the type of technology used will depend strictly on your location , all you have to do is to choose an internet service provider, the data amount that you want and one of the four NBN speed tiers.

Some Australian people are still unconvinced about the NBN upgrade, or just worried about the pricing. But it’s important not to forget that today everything changes at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to technology, and one such project is necessary for the evolution of society.

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