A Look at the Growth of Social Media of Social Gaming

Whether at work or at home, social media has become a part of our lives. We have devices with us at all times that allow us to share pictures, share what we are doing, and even share our thoughts on the latest news. One of the biggest parts of social media though that has seen an impressive growth has been the rise of social media.

When Facebook was first created to allow students to connect with each other, it is fair to say that nobody thought it would aid in the evolution of social gaming. When Facebook became a phenomenon though with its users, the rise of gaming hooked many players. The fact that mobile devices also tapped into Facebook also helped this of course.

What this connection with mobile devices game was a way to connect games that had been on Facebook onto your smartphone or tablet. They may have been adapted to be an app but many of the games like Candy Crush Saga still connect to Facebook to allow you to challenge your friends and send them gifts. With the rise of Facebook and other social media sites, and the rise of mobile gaming, social gaming’s growth exploded.

What we see now is the online world of gaming being a very social place, even if it isn’t connected to social media. Examples of this can be seen on online gaming sites who have also taken up the torch of social gaming and allowed their players to be a part of a community. Whether it be free bingo for fun, card games, or even live roulette, the players can communicate with each other and become friends.

Social gaming is extending now into the world of streaming, allowing people who stream their gameplay connect with those who want to watch them. Just look at Twitch and YouTube and you’ll see plenty of gaming channels where the players communicate with their communities and people who are watching form friendships.

The future of social gaming is looking strong, especially as it extends into the world of streaming games. Whatever form of games you decide to play, no doubt you’ll be doing so with your friends, and connecting

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