Case Mod Friday: HYPERCUBE

Project Name: HYPERCUBE

Builder: Mike Petereyns

About This Mod / Build: As you know modding is a big passion of me so I was realy exited that I was invited to this Intel NUC challenge. It’s realy sommething I never did before modding on this scale but I like the challenge of it. I always try to make something original with function, thermal heat dissipation and minimal design in mind. Therefore I made the decision to mod the NUC into a “HYPERCUBE” design…I think not only does the name fits well, but the total concept of a NUC inside a Hypercube kinda highlights the Power of the NUC without making it to big. The “HYPERCUBE” will be made out of full inox frame that can be opent in the middle for easy access and showing the inside. The inside and outside parts will be made of acrylic sheets lasercutted and engraved with logo’s. The hardware NUC mainboard will be watercooled by an aio cooling solution with 120mm radiator…so much hardware into a 300x300mm “HYPERCUBE”!!!


img_1294 img_1263-cr2 img_1251 img_1243 img_1229-cr2 img_1213 img_1177 img_1167 img_0096 img_0076 img_0042 img_0026 img_0011 20160830_234650 20160830_234343 20160830_234056 20160830_234018 20160830_233933 20160830_233911 20160830_233853 20160830_233811 20160830_233752 20160830_003335 20160830_001832 20160825_213231 20160825_213211 20160825_212926 1ste-hypercube-by-mikep

-Intel NUC

– Custom case to hold the NUC
– NUC modded to accept water cooling
– Custom water cooling loop
– Custom tubing
– Custom lighting
– Custom inner wheels with the Intel logo

Build Log:

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