Case Mod Friday: Big Red

Project Name: Big Red

Builder: TechMaxTV

About This Mod / Build: This time I’ll upgrade my personal rig. The colorscheme I’m planning to go with is black/white/red. I will go for a 480mm radiator in the top and in the bottom and a full watercooling loop with red coolant. I will remove all the drivebays in the front and probably go for a dual reservoir. Possibly I would do a custom acrylic glass window side panel.


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– CPU i7 5930K
– Mainboard Asus Rampage 5
– GPU 3x GTX 980 Ti
– RAM HyperX Predator 32GB 4x8GB 3000MHz
– HDD 4TB WD Green
– SSD 500GB Samsung 850 Evo
– PSU be quiet Dark Power Pro 11 1200W
– Case Phanteks Enthoo Primo SE Schwarz/Weiß
– Fans Noiseblocker eLoops

– 22x Bitspower Blood Red Fittings 14mm BP-DBREML14
– Bitspower R5E Monoblock BP-WBAIX99R5EFCBNPAC-CL
– 2x Bitspower Leviathan Xtreme 480 Radiator BP-NLX480-F2PB
– 2x Bitspower Water Tank Z-Tube 200mm BP-WTZACT200-CL
– 2x Water Tank Z-Multi 150 (Acrylic Version) BP-WTZM150AC-CL
– Bitspower VGA SLI/Crossfire Bridge For 3 Slots BP-VGAB3AC-CL
– Bitspower D5/MCP655 Dual Top BP-2D5TOPAC-BK
– Bitspower D5 / MCP655 Pump Mod Kit – Abrasive Red BP-D5MA-ARD
– Bitspower None Chamfer PETG Link Tube OD14MM BP-NCPLT14-L1000
– Bitspower G1/4″ Deep Blood Red TII Rotary Adapter BP-DBRTIIR-C

– Blocks sanded and polished
– SLI bridge modified to fit
– Large window added to side panel
– Custom interior
– Custome cable routing
– Custom sleeved cabeling
– Custom hard tubing
– Custom water cooling loop

Build Log:

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