Cleaning Up Your Mac from Junk Files with Movavi Mac Cleaner

If you use your computer a lot to do your work, you must make sure that it is able to give you top performance at all time. One of the reasons why your computer performance can slow down is because of the junk files that have been accumulating on your computer over time. Junk files can refer to various types of log files, installed applications that you are not using anymore, images and videos that you didn’t opened for a long time, duplicate files in different folders and unused language packs.


You might be wondering how to remove junk files from Mac manually since it isn’t easy to locate these files yourself. You run a risk of deleting important system files when you try to do the search for the junk files yourself. Instead of locating these junk files yourself, you should use a Mac Cleaner software like Movavi Mac Cleaner to clean up your Mac computer. Movavi Mac Cleaner is a top Mac cleaner software recommended for cleaning junk files on your Mac computer. It is regularly updated and compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS X systems released by Apple.

When you first load Movavi Mac Cleaner, it will take a moment to scan your computer. While it is scanning your computer, the blue flash circle will revolve around for some time. When it is done scanning your computer, you will see a start cleaning button. It will tell you how much disk space you can recover if you choose to clean your Mac.

It will let you know how much disk space the temporary junk files, trash files and unused language files are occupying on your hard drive respectively. Clicking on the start cleaning button will delete all the cache and log files on your computer. It won’t take forever to clean up your Mac computer when you press the Start Cleaning button. Normally, the Mac cleaning process will be over in just a few minutes.

Uninstalling unused apps on your Mac computer can also help you to claim back some free space on your hard disk. If there is an app that you have in mind to delete, you should choose Uninstaller on the left. In the uninstaller section, you will see a list of apps that are already installed on your Mac. You should click on the app that you want to uninstall so that it is highlighted in blue color before clicking the Remove button. Movavi Mac Cleaner is able to uninstall all kinds of applications installed on Mac including apps that are on your Mac computer by default and apps that you install yourself.

Mac computers come with hundreds of language packs which can take up several gigabytes of spaces. Most people only use 2 – 4 language packs out of the hundreds of language packs installed on the computer. It is the right thing to do to delete these language packs if you need some more space for other usage. Deleting the unused language packs will cause error on your computer system or on the installed applications.

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