Case Mod Friday: Corsair Air 740 Lavins

Project Name: Corsair Air 740 Lavins

Builder: Lavins

About This Mod / Build: Hey guys! I got another Official Corsair build completed just in time for PAX West! As for the cables, I built the cables using two of our Type 3 kits. I combined the Graphite Grey and Red kits, the used my old HexagonPC Cable Combs in 14-pin and 28-pin combinations. I hope you guys like the build. 🙂


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– Intel 5960x
– 980 Ti x2
– Corsair ML120 / ML140
– Corsair AX1500i
– KWB RVE Monoblock
– Titan X Block – Nickel Plexi
– Nickel Plated Backplate
– EKWB 240mm Radiator x2
– EKWB 360mm Radiator
– EKWB PET-G Tubing

– Custom water coolong loop
– Custom hard tubing
– Custom cables
– Custom cable organizers
– Blocks polished
– Custom SLI connector
– Custom Corsair logo on side panel

Build Log: Reddit

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