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Case Mod Friday: HYPERCUBE

Welcome to another Case Mod Friday showcase! This week we have Mike Petereyns' "HYPERCUBE" build. Here is what he had to say about it, "As you know modding is a big passion of me so I was realy exited that I was invited to this Intel NUC challenge. It’s realy sommething I never did before modding on this scale but I like the challenge of it. I always try to make something original with function, thermal heat dissipation and minimal design in mind. Therefore I made the decision to mod the NUC into a “HYPERCUBE” design…I think not only does the name fits well, but the total concept of a NUC inside a Hypercube kinda highlights the Power of the NUC without making it to big."

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Intel Skylake NUC Specifications Revealed

Intel's 6th Generation NUC will be here in Q3 (i3 model) and Q4 (i5 model) and the specifications of the new unit have been revealed. The Intel NUC will still keep the mini-HDMI and mini-DisplayPort connections, but a new SDXC card slot has been added. The new versions of the NUC will be paired with dual-channel DDR4 memory up to 32GB and will have up to four USB 3.0 ports.

Akasa Newton V
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Akasa Newton V NUC Case Launched

Akasa has just got around to formally launching its Newton V NUC cases. This new aluminum chassis is compatible with the Intel D53427RKE motherboard which possesses Core i5 3427U processor. It is a VESA mountable, fanless cooling design which is just the right case for business, education and embedded environments.

Akasa Newton Chassis
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Akasa Newton Chassis Can Passively Cool Intel NUC Hardware

Akasa has revealed a new submissively cooled chassis for Intel’s NUC platform known as the Newton which measures (154mm x  150mm x 47mm) and performs not only as a case but also a fan-less heat-sink for the Intel processor which is linked to the NUC motherboard. In particular, the Akasa Newton is compatible with the Intel D33217GKE or DCP847SKE NUC motherboard, depending on whether you want to have an Intel Core i3-3217-U or a Celeron 847-U respectively.

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ASUS Reveals Upcoming VivoPC

Guess, what will happen if you get Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC), by changing your old chassis with a “Zen design” which has SonicMaster speakers installed in the device, and trade off the built in Wifi card for one that supports 802.11ac? Outcome will be Asus’ slim, sleek and classy VivoPC.

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