Intel is Stopping Investment into their NUC Business

Intel’s NUC (Next Unit of Compute) computers are very small, yet some are very powerful. When Intel first introduced their NUC PCs they really jump-started the mini PC movement. Well it looks like Intel will now be discontinuing their NUC computers. According to a report by HardwareLuxx, Intel sent out an e-mail saying that no further investment will be made into the NUC business.

Here is the official statement from Intel…

We have decided to stop direct investment in the Next Unit of Compute (NUC) Business and pivot our strategy to enable our ecosystem partners to continue NUC innovation and growth. This decision will not impact the remainder of Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG) or Network and Edge Computing (NEX) businesses. Furthermore, we are working with our partners and customers to ensure a smooth transition and fulfillment of all our current commitments.

— Intel

Intel NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon Mini PC 5 1030x664 1

Intel did not say why they are ending production of their NUC computers, but we can guess it has a lot to do with a slowing computer market. Intel’s revenue has dropped more than a third in the past two quarters and the PC-oriented Client Computing Group has been one of the worst-hit divisions. This move allows Intel to off-load non-essential business and focus on making chips. They also sold their server business to MiTAC earlier this year.

The first NUC was launched back in 2013. It was a tiny barebones kit that was meant to showcase their latest processors as well what you can do with a compact desktop. As the product line evolved they became more powerful with more features and even recently dedicated graphics cards.

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