Intel NUC X15 “Alder County” Reference Laptops Will Be Powered By Core i7-12700H CPU and Arc A730M/A550M Graphics

At CES this year, Intel revealed its NUC series, the ‘Alder County’, which will feature the Arc graphics. It has been confirmed that the NUC X15 series is going to be the company’s reference platform for laptops. There is still so much left to know about the NUC series, but we are thankful for whatever little information we have now on the product specs.

INTEL ARC NUC CES 1200x422 1

The NUC systems are more frequently used by OEMs which then brand them with their own name. One such example is of the ADATA XPG Xenia laptops. It won’t be a long wait before an update arrives for the X15 platform, giving it a faster processor along with a discrete GPU by Intel. @momomo_us has posted a few specs, and according to this new information, both the NUC X15 systems (C71H/C71G) are going to come with the Core i7-12700H processor and Arc ACM-G10 GPU.

The ‘G’ variant is going to be equipped with the Arc A550M while the ‘H’ variant is going to come with Arc A730M mobile graphics. The A770 M-based system appears to be nowhere in sight now though. Some references are being made to the “C51G” system which is most likely going to feature a lesser capable GPU and CPU.


Talking about the NUC X15 2022 laptops, these are going to be an upgraded versions of the Tiger Lake Core i7-11800H and i5-11400H systems. They featured discrete GPUs from NVIDIA, the RTX 3060 or the RTX 3070. Coming to the new Arc GPUs, we are hoping that Intel will also upgrade graphics performances on these. Intel’s Arc A730M doesn’t provide much improvement over the RTX 3050 Ti in terms of performance. The A770M, however, is 12% faster than the RTX 3060.

The NUC X15 2022 will be released in correlation with the Arc A550M/A730M graphics release. As far as their sale is concerned, the usual channel of sale is through OEM partners and system integrators which will brand these.

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