AMD axes graphics support for Kaby Lake-G CPUs

AMD and Intel’s joint effort for the Kaby Lake-G processing units was very rocky from the start. But it seems to have stopped, judging by the lack of support. According to findings, AMD seems to have stopped providing graphics driver updates for its on-chips graphics used in these CPUs.

The timing couldn’t be worse for those who actually bought Intel NUCs with these processors. If it proves one thing, a collaboration between two chipmaker giants that make rival CPU and graphics solutions is a formula bond to fail somewhere. What’s worse is that there are no compatible drives for these integrated graphics on the Windows 10 version 2004 build.

AMD+Intel and following aftermath

The deal between Intel and AMD for a processor would appear imaginative. But until now Intel didn’t have a good on-chip graphics. AMD did. The RTG (AMD’s Radeon Technology Group) will provide RX Vega M graphics engine and support on the Intel Kaby Lake-G processor. Thus the NUC 8 extreme was born. While it did paint an impressive performance when it was out, eventually problems started to show. During October 2019, Intel killed the project in favour of Xe graphics architecture. The chipmaker did promise to provide drive support for up to 5 years. But despite that promise, Intel did not release any drivers for 12 months. Things progressed as AMD took over the overall support. The support for the Kaby Lake-G came to a standstill as AMD did not release any graphics driver support.

Intel is trying to bring back AMD?

While Intel did say it is under negotiations with AMD to bring back the support to the NUC 8 Extreme, we don’t know why both had such lack of a working relationship on a product they already worked on and released. But Intel needs to show active participation.

Maybe this is the first and the only time both will work on a processor with integrated graphics. Intel has the Xe family of GPU eventually coming out, with Raja Koudari formerly from AMD’s Radeon Technology Group at the helm. AMD has its experience with processors, APUs and discrete graphics cards. That NUC 8 Extreme is a conversation starter for sure!

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