A New Tuning Tool For AMD Zen3(+) CPUs Is Here

The software developer named Yuri Bubliy (1usmus) is working to revolutionize his Clock Tuner for Ryzen. He shared a concept for the upcoming Zen3/Zen3+ overclocking and tuning tool called Project Hydra. The name suggests that the software is in 0.1A PRO version. In other words, it is in its early stages. The PRO indicates that 1usmus will release a PRO version in the future too.

AMD HYDRA 1usmus 3

Project Hydra is exclusively developed for Zen3 architecture. People with older architectures should consider the CTR tool from 1usmus himself. It looks like Yuri is certain about Zen3+’s existence, as he has also mentioned it in the app’s press release shared exclusively with GamersNexus.Currently, all the mainstream APU and CPU series come with the Zen 3 architecture. It will arrive for the Threadripper series later this summer. Yuris has to confirm whether Hydra will support Threadripper or not.

The app uses the CTR framework but has a new UI that supports three voltage curve presets OC,undervolting and normal. One can store up to 9 profiles for specific tasks. The Voltage Curve Optimizer is also now adjustable on a per-core basis.

AMD HYDRA 1usmus 2

In comparison to AMD’s Ryzen Master tool, which offers 3 mV increments, the Project Hydra offers smaller voltage increments (1 mV). The Developer has also implemented new safeguards to increase tuning security. A 24/7 monitoring function is also present, which will automatically disable profiles in critical situations.

The PCIe bus is used by the tool to communicate with SMU (System Management Unit) as it prevents blocking or overwriting of the selected profile. The Developer has made it certain that the app’s memory consumption will be locked at 100MB and will utilize 1% of the CPU. Yuri thinks the app is more secure and light than AMD’s Ryzen Master.

As per Yuri, the app will arrive by the end of July. The complete details of Project Hydra are still awaited. Let us hope that Yuri and his team will reveal the details soon.

AMD HYDRA 1usmus 1

Via Wccftech