Acer Announces D501 Chromebook-Certified USB Type-C Dock

Acer has recently expanded its range of Chromebook-certified accessories with the launch of Acer USB Type-C Dock D501.

WWCB Acer USB Type C Dock D501 hero

The Acer USB Type-C Dock D501 (ADK020) is designed in a way that will make the process of connecting a Chrome OS Device to up to three extended displays ( through DisplayPort and HDMI ports) smoother and easier.

After undergoing detailed tests and trials, it has finally been verified as one that meets all the Chromebook’s compatibility standards.

The device is just right for those who deal with bulk work containing large amounts of information requiring them to need more screen real-estate than that provided by a single device.

WWCB Acer USB Type C Dock D501 ksp 01 640

The Dock comes with six USB ports (4x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and 2x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A) that ensure connectivity with any additional peripherals. USB-C Power Delivery is also supported by the device to charge other devices through a USB-C connection. A Gigabit Ethernet port has also been dedicated to support wired networking.

The most desirable of all, the firmware of the device can be updated while connected to a Chrome OS Device. This feature makes it highly compatible with the present as well as future peripherals.

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Via Acer