ADATA Announces XPG Invader X Mid-Tower PC Case With Tempered Glass

XPG has introduced its new Invader X Mid-Tower PC case, embracing the popular wraparound tempered glass design trend seen in products like Lian Li’s O-11 Dynamic. This case offers a captivating display of your internal hardware from two different angles.

InvaderXFeature 1 1

The Invader X is XPG’s latest product, aiming to provide a “showcase” style for your system. It boasts wraparound tempered glass panels on the front and sides, omitting the A pillar to offer an unobstructed view of everything inside. Unlike similar cases, XPG has chosen to maintain the standard PSU Chamber at the bottom of the case, which might not suit those seeking a fully unobstructed view. This design uses the side panel, along with the bottom and top panels, for airflow, all equipped with magnetic dust filters to keep the internals clean.

InvaderXStyle 1

XPG is quite generous with the pre-installed fans, including four 120mm ARGB reverse-blade fans and an additional regular 120mm ARGB fan, making a total of five fans. The reverse blade design ensures unobstructed RGB illumination because the fan frame is positioned on the intake side, particularly advantageous for the side mount where three of the fans are situated. The remaining two fans are placed in the rear and in a single slot at the bottom of the case. Furthermore, there are two fan slots in the PSU chamber and three fan slots on the top of the case, making it an ideal location for a 360mm AIO cooler, and the side panel can also support this configuration.

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You won’t encounter any problems accommodating the latest components, as the case supports up to ATX motherboards and can handle coolers with a maximum height of 175mm. If you don’t opt for a side-mounted radiator, you’ll have a generous 400mm of GPU clearance, but with a side-mounted radiator, it reduces to 270mm. XPG also provides a GPU holder and an optional vertical PCIe 4.0 mounting kit, depending on the model. The case can accommodate PSUs up to 240mm in length and includes cable channels with five cable straps to simplify cable management.

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XPG has not disclosed details regarding pricing or availability. To find out more, you can visit the product page on