Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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ADATA’s Next-Gen XPG Memory Modules Detailed

ADATA has released information on their upcoming XPG V3 DDR3 DRAM modules and their first enthusiast-grade DDR4 modules, the XPG Z1 DDR4 modules. Both of these products will be showcased at Computex next week.


Both modules will feature the heatspreader design that you see above with a black PCB. ADATA will be offering the modules in many different colors to match your motherboards color scheme. Modules will come in densities as high as 16GB. The XPG Z1 DDR4 modules will come clocked at the JEDEC-standard DDR4-2133 MHz and run at 1.2v. The first platforms to support DDR4 memory modules will be Intel’s “Broadwell” and “Haswell-E”.

Bob Buskirk
the authorBob Buskirk
About 10 years of computer experience. Been messing around with electronics since I was 5, got into computers when I was in highschool, been modding them ever since then. Very interested in how things work and their design.
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