Advantages of Using A Reading App

For those of us that have always associated reading with school and textbooks, reading books on tablets and our phones can actually be pretty fun nowadays. Perhaps it is still rather difficult to believe but that’s the truth–your perception is playing tricks on you. While one of the greatest advantages of reading on a mobile device is the convenience of having a huge portable library, there are many more features that the Nook book reading app and their counterparts bring to the table the can make your reading experience fun.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll be looking at book reading apps for your phone or tablet, where there are plenty of advantages to both dedicated readers and beginners. The paper like displays alone is a great advantage as it is less harsh on the eyes and contain built in book lights. Whether that the display is better than a physical book is still up for debate but let us look at the advantages of the much more widely available apps like the Nook.

Advantage #1: Convenience
This is probably the number one reason people love their reading apps. They are able to carry their entire library on one lightweight smartphone or tablet. This is especially appreciated by those who live in small spaces or who just don’t have room for one more bookcase and have a sky high pile of books. How about travelers? A reading app saves on valuable suitcase space and is lightweight and easy to tote around. It also solves the problem that many readers run into. Have you ever chosen a selection of books to take with you on vacation only to find when you get there you’ve lost interest in all of them? With an reading app you can simply choose another. Some will even let you download books from other sources.

Advantage #2: Accessibility
One of the most valuable advantages of book reading apps is their accessibility. If you have vision or hearing difficulties, the ability to change and increase font size or have your book read to you can make reading a pleasure again. Book reading apps are accessible on almost any device, making them invaluable to those with other health problems that make reading hardcover books painful to impossible. While almost all book reading apps allow you to adjust the font, not all offer the text to speech function and on those who do, not all books are text to speech enabled. Depending on the publisher, you will find that they may have chosen to refuse to allow their books to be enabled. Still, there are still a wide variety of book reading apps available to suit your personal needs.

Advantage #3: Value
Book readings apps are inexpensive if not already free for your device with access to many e-books that are cheaper than their paper equivalents. In addition, there are a plethora of free books available. One of the real joys of using a book reading app is discovering new authors through these free book offerings. Using book reading apps is also a green practice, saving paper and as a result, trees.

Advantage #4: Fun for learning
Who would have thought, even ten years ago, that we would be able to access our emails, tweet our thoughts to hundreds of followers or Skype our friends from across the globe all from our phones? Or that we could download an app for just about anything–games, reviews, fitness, speaking different languages or finding the closest petrol station. And what about our Generation Z kids? They seem to be born with technology in their DNA and can work a smartphone or tablet before they can even walk or talk. While technology does have its downfalls, it has a number of advantages, especially for our kids. A reading app can have just this effect. While it might be next to impossible to tug away the tablet from your child, a reading app that is already on the tablet can encourage more reading from your child or teenager. And if they are too young to read? No problem–you can do the reading when it comes to bedtime stories.

Advantage #5: Privacy in public
Ever felt like reading the 50 Shades of Grey series but felt too embarrassed to carry the book around or be seen with it? Get a book reading app and go for it. Don’t want others to know about the surprise party you’re planning for them? Immerse yourself in a classic cookbook privately. You might read a textbook, novel, or biography. Or gaze in wonder at an illustrated beauty. What’s more, you can switch among the various titles and styles of books at will, before finishing any single title.

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