AeroCool Announces P7-C1 Line of Cases

At Computex AeroCool has announced the P7 Series, which is made up of a few different products. The first product in the series is the P7-C1 PC Case. As you can see this case definitely stands out from the crowd with its hexagonal shaped front and lighting that goes around it. The case itself is suspended on two supporting feet, much like Cooler Master’s Cosmos cases. The case is larger than most mid towers and closer to a full tower.

AeroCool P7-C1

The case is seperated into two compartments with the top compartment for your motherboard, graphics cards, and water cooling solutions. There is a large power supply cover separating the top and bottom of the case. Besides your power supply the bottom of the case will also house your hard drives. AeroCool plans to release several different variants of the case. They will be based on primary color, LED color, and if the case features a tempered-glass side panel, or more conventional SECC panel with acrylic panel.

AeroCool P7-C1

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