Plug This Into Your Smartphone And It Records 3D Video

While Computex is a very PC hardware focused show there is a really cool phone accessory that got out attention. It is called the Eye-Plug and is a simple USB-C device that you plug into your phone (Android-only) and it allows you to record 3D video. It basically adds another camera sensor to your phone for front-and rear facing dual-camera action. The prototype was on display at Computex, with full production to begin later this year.

According to the company spokesperson the Eye-Plug is going to be around $35, which seems insanely cheap. The company also did not reveal the resolution of the camera, but from the live footage that was taken at Computex it seems it is perfectly acceptable for Google Cardboard 3D viewing. The included app allows you to shoot 3D video, and do some post-processing with focus and blurring.

Eye Plug

Now of course there are some drawbacks, first your phone needs to have a USB-C port. That means that there is no iPhone version, although they say there is one in the works. Also the Eye-Plug quality might not match that of your smartphone. But this is a really cool accessory, is the next big thing going to be 3D selfies?!

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