MSI’s New Vortex G65 Has Mobile Pascal Cards Inside

MSI’s Vortex Gaming PC is nothing new, we covered it back in January at CES. The version we were shown back then had two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980’s in SLI running inside the system. These were not 980M’s but desktop-class 980’s in MXM format. MSI had the Vortex G65 on display at Computex and the guys at TweakTown noticed something, the info card said “NVIDIA latest generation graphic card (SLI)”, instead of something like “NVIDIA GTX 980 (SLI)” like it did back at CES.


TweakTown was curious so they asked the representative and he very heavily implied (along with a joke about non-disclosure agreements) that the G65 contained NVIDIA’s mobile GeForce 1080 card in SLI. It was not made very clear if it was the desktop-class card in MXM format or a mobile version of the card.

TweakTown was able to confirm via another industry affiliate not affiliated with MSI who spent some time with the system that the cards inside were indeed mobile Pascal cards. It is no wonder that the Vortex G65 that was on display was not connected to any monitors.

This means that a GeForce GTX 1080M or 1070M is definitely in the works and we should see them announced very soon!


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