Colorful Shows Off Unique Air+Liquid VGA Cooling Solution

Colorful always seems to innovate when it comes to graphics card cooling. This year at Computex this are showing off a very unique and interesting air+liquid cooling system designed for graphics cards. This is a truly enclosed system that uses both air and liquid to cool off the card, but there are no coolant tubes or external radiators, it is all part of a single design placed on top of the card.

Colorful Waterspout

Colorful is calling this cooling solution “Watersprout”. There is a pump+block assembly that sits on top of the GPU with coolant channels that go straight to a compact rectangular radiator that is under the cooler shroud. This radiator then gets ventilated by the three fans that are on the card. That radiator has a surface area that is about the same size as a 120 mm x 120 mm radiator. There is also a secondary heatsink assembly which helps cool the VRM, memory and GPU.

If you wanted to add the card into your own custom loop you will be able to do that as well. Colorful has equipped the card with fittings so you don’t have to take the card apart to add it to your loop. The card shown with the assembly was a 3-slot card.

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