MSI Wants To Bring 4K Gaming To The Living Room With Vortex

MSI wants to bring 4K gaming to the living room with their new Vortex gaming PC. This compact gaming PC has a cylindrical design much like what we saw with Apple’s Mac Pro, but this is a gaming PC so it has a much more aggressive design.

Inside this small PC you will find desktop-class quad-core Intel Skylake Core i7 chips, two GeForce GTX 980 mobile GPUs, and up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. There will multiple SKUs though so there will be i5 versions and a version with dual GTX 960s too.


MSI uses “360-degree Silent Storm” cooling for the unit which uses a fan at the top to bring in air and exhausts it out of the bottom of the case. While the big focus was on living room gaming here this could easily be a desktop replacement too. Its small size makes it perfect for sitting on a desk. All of your critical connections are located on the back of the unit.


Now we are not sure when the Vortex will be launching or a price, but we are definitely intrigued.

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