Aerocool Releases the GT-S Super-Tower

One of the leading manufacturers of gaming PC gear has released the first chassis of the GT series. Aerocool Advanced technologies recently launched the GT-S Super Tower for a completely new experience for gamers. With outstanding features and a noteworthy design, the chassis is perfect for all gaming lovers.

The stability and reliability of the device is obviously enhanced at a great level with the 1.2 mm thick SECC steel. The device gets its name Super Tower from its dimensions of 255 x 640 x 560 mm and is meant to be taken literally. The list of features attached to the device is what that gives the device a next level from the standard gaming chassis.

Aerocool GT-S Super Tower

The device is compatible with water cooling systems with its built in openings which are protected with rubber coverings. The fan controller which has been designed to operate for seven fans ensures safe working and safety of the device. This is one of the features which are built on the outside of the device. Along with this, there are outlets for the airflow which ensure proper cooling of the fans and prevent any overheating. There are few devices and gadgets which take into account the dire consequences of dusty surroundings and the damage which dust particles can do. Aerocool has completely taken care of this phenomenon by installing in the dust filter. The job of this dust filter is to prevent any dust particles from getting into the chassis and whenever desired, this dust filter, installed beneath the PSU area, can be removed from the device.

Aerocool GT-S Super Tower

The cooling feature is one of the most prominent ones with the device having three case fans already. There is the top fan, the bottom fan and the fan located on the rear of the chassis and operates at 750 RPM (for top and bottom fans) and 1200 RPM for the rear fan. These fans can make use of the fan controller built on the device as they can easily be connected to it, allowing for speed adjustment.

So far only two models are available in the market at differing prices. There is the black version with red case fans priced at 114.90 EUR and a white version with blue case fans priced at 119.90 EUR. Below are some features of the GT-S Super Tower.

• I/O panel including 4 USB ports; two of 2.0 and two of 3.0
• The same I/O panel features HD Audio and Mic in
• Supports XL-ATX
• 33.3 cm VGA cards
• CPU coolers- height of 18.5 cm

Source: Aerocool | News Archive