AeroCool V12XT Touch LCD Fan Controller Review

Installation & Usage
Installing the V12XT is rather simple. Just make sure you have two empty 5.25” drive bays, slide it in and secure it like you would any other device. The connections are easily made for the four fans; remember FAN1 is the only connection with a 4-pin connector. The temperature sensors are thin and flexible, so they can fit into almost any position. You can also help secure them with the provided thermal tape.

AeroCool V12XT Touch LCD Fan Controller AeroCool V12XT Touch LCD Fan Controller

Once you power up your machine the panel will illuminate. Across the bottom of the panel are the different fan and temperature selectors. From left to right it reads Fans 1-4, plus and minus adjusters, then the four temperature readings. Taking up nearly 2/3rds of the screen space is the fan speed display. An arc similar to that of a car gauge shows increments of 500RPM on the outside and smaller increment blocks on the inside.  Near the center of the arc sits the RPM for the current fan along with a Celsius/Fahrenheit switch and an HDD activity display.

On the right side sits a smaller display for the temperature letting you know what the current temperature or alarm temperature is for the selected temperature device. The three quarter arc ranges in temperatures from 25-65C and 77-149F. The inside of the arc displays the current temperature of the device selected.

AeroCool V12XT Touch LCD Fan Controller AeroCool V12XT Touch LCD Fan Controller

The video below will show you a run through for all of the options of the V12XT.

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