In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case Review

Today we have the opportunity to check out In Win’s newly released chassis, the In Win Ironclad Full Tower case; an upgrade to the In Win Maelstrom. It provides all of the necessary features you could ever want in a case along with all of the tool-free devices to make installation all that much easier.  This case fits the best of both worlds: cooling and quiet. With support of up to a total of 10, 120mm fans, this case should fit most everyone’s cooling needs. Both side panels are lined with sound insulating foam to help keep those fans quiet. Read on further to see what other features this case has.

Special thanks to In Win for providing us with the Ironclad Full Tower Case to review.


  • Excellent Thermal Solution
    • Gaming Chassis utilizes 22cm side panel fan to accelerate air through and out of chassis to keep components cool. A ventilated floor panel and a top vent with 12cm fan provide the optimal airflow on both intake and exhaust.
  • Dust proof meshes
    • The air filter meshes are built into the front bezel side panel top panel and floor that keeps out of the dust and extend the life of components.
  • Tool-free mechanical design
    • Screw-less I/O expansion slots make assembling a fun, easy and enjoyable experience.
    • Metallic Warship Enhances the structural steel sturdiness
    • Eight tool-free expansion slots
    • Patented shock-free railing system


Case Size: Full Tower Chassis
Thermal Solution: 1. Front:12cm Fan x 1

2. Rear: 12cm Fan x 1

3. Top:12cm Fan x 1 (Maximum Supports 12cm Fan x 2)

4. Side:22cm LED Fan with switch x 1 (Maximum Supports 12cm Fan x 6)

5. Water-Cooling Hole Ready

I/O Expansion Slots: PCI-E/PCI/AGP SlotX8
M/B Form Factor: 1. ATX

2. Micro-ATX

3. E-ATX(12″X13″)

Internal Drive Bay: 1. 3.5” x 6

2. 2.5” x 1

Dimension(HxWxD): 550x225x566mm (21.7″x8.9″x22.3″)
Power Supply: 1. ATX 12V

2. PS 2 or EPS Power

Safety: 1. CE and FCC Class B Requirement

2. RoHS

External Drive Bay: 1. 5.25” × 5

2. 3.5” x 1 (Converted from one 5.25” drive bay)

Top I/O Ports: 1. eSATAx2

2. USB2.0x4


4. HD/AC’97 Audio

Material: 1.0~0.8mm SECC Steel

The Ironclad comes packaged in an impressive looking steel box (unfortunately it’s only made out of cardboard).  One side simply shows the In Win logo and Ironclad name on top of the steel box, while the other side shows the same thing, plus an additional picture of the front bezel of the case.

In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case

The smaller sides of the box cover the features and specifications plastered over the steel box.

In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case

The Ironclad comes protected by two soft pieces of foam, one of which houses the internal components. The case is also protected from dust and scratches with a plastic bag.

In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case