AGON by AOC Unveils the C27G2Z3 Full HD 280Hz Curved Monitor

AGON by AOC—one of the world’s leading gaming monitor and IT accessories brands – is thrilled to announce the AOC GAMING C27G2Z3/BK, a curved 27″ (68.6 cm) Full HD monitor that combines immersive visuals with lightning-fast performance. Designed to cater to both competitive and casual gamers, the C27G2Z3/BK boasts an impressive 280 Hz refresh rate, up to 1 ms GtG and 0.5 ms MPRT response times, and a high-contrast Fast VA panel with a 1500R curvature, all at an affordable price point.


The AOC GAMING C27G2Z3/BK’s 1500R curvature envelops users in the game world, providing an immersive experience that draws them deeper into the action. The curved 27″ screen offers a more natural and comfortable viewing experience, reducing eye strain and fatigue during extended gaming sessions. Whether racing through the streets in a high-speed simulation or exploring vast open worlds, the C27G2Z3/BK’s curvature enhances the sense of presence and engagement for the user.


Lightning-fast performance for a competitive edge
With a blistering 280 Hz refresh rate, the AOC GAMING C27G2Z3/BK beats the current esports standard of 240 Hz, and delivers ultra-smooth and responsive gameplay, giving gamers the edge in fast-paced, competitive titles. The monitor can achieve up to 1 ms GtG response time, using the highest overdrive setting, which ensures that ghosting and motion blur are virtually eliminated, whilst providing crisp and clear visuals. For an even smoother experience, the C27G2Z3/BK features an MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) setting using a strobing backlight that enables a 0.5 ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time), further enhancing motion clarity.

High-contrast visuals with HDR10
The Fast VA panel of the AOC GAMING C27G2Z3/BK delivers exceptional image quality with a high contrast ratio of 4000:1, ensuring deep blacks and vibrant colors for a truly immersive visual experience. With HDR10 compliance, the monitor can display a wider range of brightness and color levels, bringing out the finest details in both dark and bright scenes. The Full HD resolution (1920×1080) strikes a fine balance between visual clarity and performance, allowing even mid-range GPUs to achieve the monitor’s impressive 280 Hz refresh rate and enjoy high-framerate gameplay for many titles.


Adaptive-Sync for tear-free gaming
To eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, the AOC GAMING C27G2Z3/BK supports Adaptive-Sync technology, synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s output for a seamless and fluid gaming experience. This technology is compatible with both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, ensuring that the vast majority of users can enjoy smooth gameplay.

Ergonomic design for comfort and convenience
The C27G2Z3/BK features a sturdy and adjustable stand with 130 mm height adjustment, tilt, and swivel functionality, allowing users to find the perfect viewing angle for their setup. The monitor’s slim bezels and sleek design make it an attractive addition to any gaming space, while its VESA mount compatibility offers additional flexibility for wall mounting or multi-monitor setups.

Pricing and availability
The AOC GAMING C27G2Z3/BK will be available from late June 2024, backed by a 3-year warranty, at an attractive MSRP of £199.99.

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