Akasa Newton Chassis Can Passively Cool Intel NUC Hardware

Akasa has revealed a new submissively cooled chassis for Intel’s NUC platform known as the Newton which measures (154mm x  150mm x 47mm) and performs not only as a case but also a fan-less heat-sink for the Intel processor which is linked to the NUC motherboard. In particular, the Akasa Newton is compatible with the Intel D33217GKE or DCP847SKE NUC motherboard, depending on whether you want to have an Intel Core i3-3217-U or a Celeron 847-U respectively.

Akasa Newton Chassis

The Akasa Newton is capable of supporting the entire IO of the NUC boards, which includes a single USB ports on the front, and two USB ports, two HDMI outputs and one Gigabit Ethernet port. Besides this, the case also comprises of two antenna jacks for the mini PCIe WiFi card and a DC power in jack.

The finishing of the case is all matte black with a brushed aluminum front bezel and curved corners. For the added advantage of being mounted on the wall or attaching with the back of monitor, Akasa Newton comes with a VESA mount. The top of the case is finned to add to its surface area which helps in cooling the CPU.

For its overall performance, we would rate it as a pretty reasonable chassis which acts an s a silent and a passive cooling system…

The Akasa Newton is readily available now for 50 Euros.

Source: PC Perspective | News Archive