Akitio Develops World’s First Fully Bus-Powered 512GB SSD Thunderbolt Storage

Akitio is proud to announce that it is the receiver of the certification of the first 512 GB fully bus powered Thunderbolt storage. This 512 GB model has become part of the already vast portfolio of the company which consists of the storage series. This is most likely to complement all other storage series as well and it has been confirmed that it has the ability to touch the read speeds of 520 MB/s on bus power. The SSDs by Akitio are high on performance and have the highest storage capacities yet they are low on power consumption. These SSDs can be conveniently used for the mobile storage products for instance the Akitio Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition.


This new 512 GB certified model has also been equipped with the SSDs which have been pre installed. These can be purchased at a price of $599 from the official website of Akitio as well as Amazon.com. The Thunderbolt series are not only available online but can also be purchased from retail outlets around the globe. According to the global distributer of Akitio the latest Thunderbolt series will set out to solve the problems of professionals who were craving for a fully bus powered high capacity storage solution.

Source: Akitio | News Archive