Alienware Interested In Creating Its Own PC Components

Alienware is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to pre-built PC’s. While their systems are quite expensive they have a big following and some of their systems have been so iconic that many people wanted the case that Alienware used in the pre-built system. With Alienware you have to buy the complete system, you can’t just buy a component, but that could change in the future.

When speaking to PCGamesN Alienware and Dell XPS GM Frank Azor said that while Alienware isn’t going to rush into any new markets, it is looking into the component market as a possible new venture.

“It absolutely is,” Frank Azor says. “And, you know, funnily enough talking to NZXT their inspiration for the company was Alienware because they wanted the Alienware chassis [Predator] and they didn’t want to necessarily buy the entire system – and that’s the only way you’ve ever been able to get an Alienware. But, yeah, it’s absolutely a segment of the market that we are looking at.”

“On the component side, it hasn’t been a primary focus for us, yet,” Azor says, “because we struggled to really come up with ways we can do it better. You’ve got some really great component companies out there. Some of the graphics card partners are very good at what they do, they’ve mastered the art of overclocking and they’ve mastered building high quality, highly reliable add-in boards. You’ve got SSD manufacturers out there that are doing an exceptionally good job.

“What we don’t want to do is just put our name on something. The Alienware name comes with a brand promise, and if we don’t deliver on that promise to customers consistently, they’re going to stop trusting the Alienware brand. So if I can’t deliver that promise in a product category, I’m not going to try because I have too much to lose.”

Alienware has made peripherals like mice and headsets as well as monitors, but internal components like graphics cards is something they have not done yet.

Will we see an Alienware graphics card in the future? I guess time will tell…

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