Battlefield V’s Firestorm Battle Royale Mode Won’t Come Till March 2019

Not that long ago we were made aware that Battlefield V would have a battle royale mode called “Firestorm”. With the popularity of PUBG and Fortnite it was no surprise that EA and DICE would make this mode available in Battlefield V. For those looking forward to the Firestorm battle royale mode it looks like you are going to have to wait till March 2019.

battlefield v firestorm

The roadmap you see above shows how Battlefield V will evolve over the next few months. Before Firestorm is available users will be able to access other DLC such as “The Last Tiger” War Story, “Panzerstorm” (a new tank-focused map) and a new Practice Range mode. From January to March we will see new content and co-operative modes such as “Combined Arms”, and finally after that the “Firestorm” Battle Royale mode will arrive.

Battlefield V will be available starting November 20th.

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