AliExpress: The World Biggest Place for E-Commerce

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who hasn’t bought anything via the Internet. Today, every third purchase is made online. The share of e-commerce in international trade is on increase due to its availability, convenience, and speed.

AliExpress is the top Chinese marketplace. It has existed on the market for about 10 years and managed to overcome such giants as Amazon and E-bay. In the article, we’re going to answer such questions as “is AliExpress legit”, “what are its peculiarities”, etc.

What is AliExpress?

The AliExpress website is a huge Chinese marketplace with a large number of different stores selling goods. In fact, AliExpress is an intermediary between sellers and buyers, which organizes the convenience of buying and selling goods. It stands as a guarantor when concluding trade transactions, protecting both buyers and sellers.

AliExpress helps online customers make purchases in China without leaving their homes. Thus, buying things on AliExpress is an easy and convenient way to get any goods at a relatively low price without overpaying.

What Kinds of Goods are offered on AliExpress?

China is known all over the world for the fact that absolutely everything is produced and copied there. The Chinese produce most of the goods offered on world markets and create analogs of world-famous brands. You can find them on AliExpress.

The assortment of products offered on the AliExpress website is huge and ranges from simple pens, notepads, and smartphone covers up to modern gadgets, electronics, and machinery. Thus, customers will find the following categories of goods on the marketplace:

  1. Clothes. A huge assortment of garments for men, women, and kids, including lingerie and sportswear.
  2. Electronics (portable gadgets, desktop tools, lamps, smart devices).
  3. Machinery (welders, grinders, etc.).
  4. Accessories for clothes.
  5. Goods for pets.
  6. Seeds of plants, fruits, and vegetables.
  7. Agricultural implements.
  8. Radio electronics and accessories (circuit boards and other parts).
  9. Spare parts for autos and motorcycles.
  10. Toys.

This is just a tiny part of the assortment of goods offered on the AliExpress website.

Features of Making Purchases on AliExpress

  1. The offline warehouse is located in China. Thus, the delivery takes from 5 to 60 days. It is difficult to say when you will receive your package since it can arrive in 2 weeks or in two months. In this case, many intermediate links are involved, which affects the delivery time.
  2. Products can only be purchased in advance. But, you shouldn’t worry. AliExpress has excellent buyer protection; until you confirm receipt of your order, the seller will not receive your money. Automatic buyer protection is valid for 60 days; further, it can be prolonged.
  3. The website accepts a large number of payment methods, including credit cards (Maestro, Visa, Mastercard) and electronic payment systems (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Qiwi). It is also possible to pay with a mobile phone. If you wish, you can even purchase some goods in installments without overpayment.
  4. It is possible to return some items for any reason within 15 days of receipt. To do this, you should purchase goods marked with a “free return” icon.
  5. Orders are delivered to your post office or by courier. Delivery is usually free to many countries of the world.
  6. If there are any problems with the order, you can open a dispute and return your money. Problems can be of a different nature: the parcel disappeared on the way, they sent you something that was not ordered, or you received a damaged product, etc. In this case, you can easily return your money upon providing photo and video evidence.
  7. AliExpress provides a large number of products from different sellers. Thus, goods can have different prices and compete. Sometimes the difference in cost is quite large. Thus, it always makes sense to look for a cheaper product.
  8. To reduce the cost of the purchase, you can use various coupons and promotional codes. Everything is simple here. Many sellers provide discount coupons; find a coupon, apply it, and the price of the product will reduce by 2-5 or more dollars.
  9. AliExpress holds large sales several times a year, thanks to which you can save even more. During such periods, thousands of customers make purchases. Discounts, many different coupons, and promotional codes can significantly reduce the initial price.

Is AliExpress Legit?

Finally, let’s answer the key question of our article. AliExpress is a fully legit trade platform, where the rights of both customers and sellers are satisfied. The administration pays due attention to the security of user data, transaction details, and compliance with the set rules. Marketplace trustworthiness and reputation are guaranteed due to the following points:

  • DCI SSL compliance guarantees the highest level of security for users on the website;
  • 60-day buyer protection on all goods secure customers from untrusted sellers;
  • refund policy allows getting money back in the case of product damage;
  • a parcel tracking system is applied for tracking goods on the road;

The marketplace is a trusted and reputable online hyper mall. After all, it wouldn’t exist for such a long time if it would be untrusted. Thus, the online store attracts more and more clients daily. AliExpress parcels are delivered on all continents and countries around the world.

AliExpress sells a huge variety of products. Here, consumers will find both plant seeds and cars. The range of goods is so huge that it is impossible to quickly study it. This site is visited by more than 20 million users daily, and this number is constantly increasing.

Buyers from all over the world make hundreds of thousands of purchases every day due to the fact that the cost of goods is much lower than in their countries. Moreover, delivery is most often free or worth a mere penny.