All About Emergency Vehicle Lightings and Sirens

Emergency vehicle

An emergency vehicle needs effective lighting and sirens to respond to an urgent situation quickly and safely. Flashing lights and sirens alert others on the road to the presence of a police car, an ambulance or a fire truck responding to a call, alerting them to move over and clear the way.

Lights and Sirens

The lights and sirens, as well as the speakers are the upfits that differentiate a normal vehicle from an emergency vehicle. They are essential in getting traffic to yield so the emergency vehicle can respond to their call as quickly as possible. Civilians on the roadways should respond by slowing down and moving to the right side of the road. They should remain there until the emergency vehicle has passed. They can then reenter the roadway and continue in their travels.

Top Quality Brand

Now that we’ve covered the importance of the lights, sirens, and other emergency equipment as it pertains to emergency response, it’s time to understand the importance of a brand that can be trusted to do the job effectively. Among the many brands available, Whelen is a brand that makes high-quality products for emergency vehicles. Whelen Emergency Vehicle Lights & Sirens are not only a high-quality and trusted brand, but they are also affordable. Whelen knows that the flashing lights should be bright and clear and the sirens should be loud and strong, and they deliver on both.

When to Use

The word emergency clearly depicts that emergency equipment can’t be used in any random vehicle by normal people. The purpose of such lights and sirens are to give an immediate warning to drivers to yield in order to let the emergency personnel reach those in need of help. While lights and sirens can be upfitted to a number of civilian vehicles, this is usually reserved for chiefs and CIDs. The equipment on these vehicles should only be used in response to an emergency call.

Things you Need to Do

When you hear a siren or see flashing lights on a vehicle, you should respond in the following manner:

  • Safely move to the right side of the road
  • Slow your vehicle down or stop completely
  • Learn traffic rules related to emergency vehicles


Make sure to choose a high-quality brand like Whelen in emergency vehicles and make sure the safety on road in emergencies because to save lives in emergency first you yourself need to be safe.

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