Why you need to have EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free to secure your old files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a free and easy-to-use data recovery software. This means that you can actually restore files that have been previously deleted, units that have been formatted and even files that are no longer accessible due to possible software or hardware failures. There are many factors that cause your old data to be lost. They can be deleted by accident, because they are deleted deliberately, or it may be a system error that encourages automatic deletion (usually associated with virus attacks). This article will explain why EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is one of the few data recovery software that should be considered, whether by professionals or amateur individuals who need old data for one or more reasons.

How to recover your lost information?

First, it is necessary to install the EaseUS recover deleted files. You have two options, and we will talk more about what each of these options can help you with: the free version and the premium.

At first, you’re probably going to the free version – it’s easy to install and requires the most basic system to run, so you will not find any problem in installing or running the software.

When this recovery software has been installed, you can do a scan of your system so that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (free) determines what kind of data it can recover. You can choose the location you want to target the scan or if you want to find all the available data everywhere.

It also has two scan options: standard scan and deep scan!

Standard scanning will produce a decent amount of lost files that can be recovered, but deep exploration will give you much more – however, keep in mind that deep scans are more resource-dependent and so can take a long time, especially if you have a somewhat older system.

After scanning process was done, the EaseUS data recovery software free will show up all discovered files. Even if you decide to pause any of the explorations in progress or stop them altogether, the list will still be there once the analysis has stopped, but most likely will not include all the potential recoverable files.

From that list, you can choose the files that the recovery software should now generate at the location of your choice. Once you choose the files, then you should go to that specified location and you’re done: all the files you have chosen to recover should be there, waiting for you.

Best practices for using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

While this software option is one of the best there is, it is always better if you have it installed on your computer at all times. This is because once the data on a hard disk has been overwritten, it is impossible to recover it. Using this amazing software means you’re now able to recover any files without having to install anything. And also, by using this software you could increase the likelihood that the information will be overwritten.

What’s more, you should definitely get the Pro version of update, and if you handle very sensitive data, the WinPE Pro version. Both versions will allow you to recover more information and the latest version will also allow you to recover your data even if your system fails to boot or crashes constantly before you can enter your operating system. Of course Pro version is better but if you want to try first your small experiments you can take the free package.

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