How to Convert Your Desktop PC into a Server

Before you turn your desktop PC into a server, it is important that you aware of how to perform the task correctly to eliminate any problems that could occur. Here are the necessary steps needed to turn your desktop PC into a server.

Download Software

It is important that you download the correct software to enable your desktop PC to transition into a server. There are a variety of software available for you to use such as apache. This software is free to use and one of the most popular on the internet. It is recommended to read through all documentation beforehand, so you can be equipped with the right knowledge and ensure you set up the software securely. Also, it is advised to install the software on an old computer and only use it for your server. If you are planning to use apache, make sure to visit their website and download the newest version to ensure you get all its benefits. Once you have found the version, make sure you pick the .msi file which is a Windows installation file.


Once your .msi file has downloaded, double click so it can install. Make sure you select the default settings which will give you a typical install (you can select a custom install if you need the source code). Once installed, some form boxes alongside your DNS server name should be automatically filled in. You can choose whatever you like for your server name, however spaces are not allowed. Also, make sure that your DNS name is included after your server name. You are also able to use your email address as your DNS name.

Run the Program

Once you have installed the software, your server should begin running. To know whether your server is running, make sure that you look at the lower right of your task bar where you will be able to see the icon. If you cannot see the icon or your sever is not running, make sure to find it in your programs by going onto the start menu. If an error message appears, write down the error code and look online for the solution. There is lots of website hosting info on Hosting Foundry where you will be able to get more information on software.

Test It

Once you have got your software open, make sure that you test it out. Once you are sure your server is running, open a web browser and type in the address bar the following http://localhost. This should give you clarity and confirmation that your software and server are working. If you are experiencing any problems, it is best to look online on the software website or a forum where you will be able to document what you are having trouble with and find the best solution possible.

If you are experiencing any problems with the software listed and need any help, make sure that you look online at specialist websites that can provide you with the guidance you require. There are many types of software available so try out another if the software you installed is not right for you.

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